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    I totally agree with you on this point and I'm willing to go

    Hey TX this is YOUR BABY. I'm not disagreeing with you. The opposite in fact because you're taking this idea, not just discussing it, instead you're acting upon it.

    Remember how to eat an elephant - one bite at a time :laugh:
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    some won't care about points

    I don't understand the debate about points - if you are a pro and need the recognition to sell your book or just to feel good or to get yourself on a tv tournament - you are going to be playing in every event anyway - and will get your points - as well as what you earn playing - that is a competition among a very small number of players - for the rest of us - we aren't going to be entering all the tournaments anyway - and the points - if we win any - aren't going to mean anything for us - I'll enter a couple of these - if they are nearby and affordable - just for the experience and the fun of playing against players who are much better than I am - and if I win some money - that's a great bonus - points will give me nothing - so I don't care - if ther points mean something to you - then you will be in every tournament and that's it -
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    Thank you!

    That is what I have been saying, the "Pro's" or anyone interested in the point standings for ranking players will go to all or at least most of these events.

    The rest of the players will just come to play and an open event against some of the best players in the world and hopefully win a little cash.

    Matter a fact I was talking to S.Yama today and he made some good points (as he always does). So after talking to him I decided to lower the minimum number of events you have to play in for yearly rankings from 7 to only 3.

    We also discussed several scheduling possibilities, such as possible dual tournaments.

    Example: scheduling one of the Tour events when the LV Hilton is hosting one of their 1,000 player events. Just think of the over flow we could get.

    Or Scheduling a February event in Louisiana during Mardi Gras. How about Lake Tahoe during the spring (I've been told it is breath taking).

    With different venues players can mix and match which ones they want to play in if not all of them.

    *Please Note: The locations mentioned above are just examples and none is signed or agreed to host a TBT event.
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    I'm with you on this point. My only thing that I can say is this:

    Some people may want to get onto the UBT or the WSOB. I believe that
    TX's tournament may be to TV BJ like the grapefruit league (AA or AAA) is to major league baseball. In AA or AAA people don't earn enought to make a living they are simply trying to attain their dream of being a "pro" baseballl player)

    As far as tournament play - I would love to have more choices - PERIOD. There aren't enough evaiable for the average play who has to pay for airfair and hotel and care rental, etc. Unless you get invited to all the "BIG MONEY" events.
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    how's it going


    Now that UBT has announced THEIR sites (5/12) out of the US. What do you think? How is your league going? Any news yet?
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    I think the UBT schedule is pretty impressive. I guess I better get my passport...LOL. I am just hoping to either get a sponsor or win some on-line qualifiers because that looks like the only way I'll be playing at most of them. ;)

    I am still talking to different casinos about becoming host properties for the "Tournament Blackjack Tour". Before I post any events or properties I want everything in place. :cool:

    I have made a few modifications to the original format. At first I was looking at just Friday - Sunday events only, but S. Yama convinced me to change some of the proposed dates and schedule around some other events happening at the same time. This will be a big plus for drawing in more players and a lot nicer draw for out of town players coming in for more than just one event.

    I am also double checking a few legal issues with the gaming control and or state police (whoever handles the casinos). I am making sure that the tournaments follow all the rules and regulations for each state and federal regulations. :cool:

    As soon as I get contracts signed and dates scheduled, I will post the host casinos and dates here. ;)
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