Payouts increased from $25k on Hard Rock Biloxi Tournaments

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by PitchMan, Mar 9, 2022.

  1. PitchMan

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    Payouts increased from $25k per tournament on March, April & May Hard Rock Biloxi Blackjack Tournaments

    Update- New payout schedule will be $125k for the current three month series:
    * March & April - $40k - $20k top prize, $10k second, $2k 3rd Thru 7th.
    * The last tournament of the series (May), will be $45k with top prize at $25k.

    See earlier (February 23rd), Hard Rock Biloxi post for dates and other details..
  2. Thanks Pitchman. I haven't played a tournament since Covid reared it's ugly head but I might be at the HR for their next one.
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  3. PitchMan

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    Please do if you can. It’d be nice to meet you if you’re there. Drop me an email offline on here and we can arrange a meet. It remains to be seen how long this series of three events having the purse of $125k cash will last. Hopefully, if attendance and casino drop hold adequate numbers it will last. The other nearby Bally’s owned property in Shreveport just had their $25k event on March 12, with another scheduled for April 2. The mini blizzard that occurred in parts of LA, OK, AR & MO on Friday dropped attendance by about 4 players from January’s event number which may mean that April attendance will grow some. I’m hopeful we can grow it to larger purse and that Hard Rock can maintain the higher purse too. The management st both of these Bally’s properties seems quite committed to keeping the tournaments going.. I think purse size will probably be dictated by the attendance and casino drop factors mentioned above. Come on over, and bring some friends!
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  4. george

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    did anyone here play may 21 did it go.... do they know when the next one will be
  5. Trouble

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    George --
    The Summer series will be the 3rd Saturday in June-July-August. Hope you can make it.
  6. george

    george Top Member

    thanks don't know I'm still not going out got shots but still careful I don't want to die .....

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