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  1. baseballcoach

    baseballcoach New Member

    Tournament rules

    It seems every time I play at the Hard Rock Biloxi there are always players trying to hide chip behind glasses and not stacking their chips by color. I will sometimes wait until the dealer asks for my bet and reply with something like I will make my bet as soon as the player at third base lets me see all of his/he chip. :rolleyes: Does this ever happen to anyone? If so, what if anything do you say?

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  2. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Common problem. Many opponents will correct the situation when you point it out, but some become hostile at the very suggestion. That seems especially true if they are mixing the chip denominations because that is often intentional, apart from the occasional stacking error.

    I usually start with asking the player directly, and if I don't get results I point it out to the dealer. Hopefully the dealer will make sure it's addressed. Because players often revert to cover their chips again, try to get a good chip count while they're exposed. I often keep a troublesome player's total in my head for that reason.
  3. Monkeysystem

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    Chip Counting

    This puts a premium on counting chips quickly and accurately. Some players who cover their chips use the same hand to put their bet in the betting circle or to signal for hit/stand. If you can get their count while their hand is off their chips it gives you an advantage over another player who counts chips but isn't as proficient.

    Of course if you lose their chip count you can always ask them to uncover their chips. They almost always comply.
  4. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    Check their hands too!

    If you aren't familiar with your opponents, it's wise to make sure they aren't "palming" chips (hiding some in either hand).
    I fell victim to that at a Stardust tourney years ago.

    Billy C
  5. baseballcoach

    baseballcoach New Member

    I agree. The first time I asked a player to uncover his chips he got very hostile with me. What I will do now is wait until it's an important round in the session to call them out even if I know their chip count. This action will cause many players to loose their concentration. :D

  6. BlueLight

    BlueLight Active Member

    People who can remember what chips counts should be after a hand is played have a talent I don't have. After a chip count I usually remember only one number, that of the person who is in second place. Then I arrange my chips in a pattern that shows me how much I can hold back and still take the high even with a max bet by the other player. Only rough mental calculations for me.

    Some tournaments come with printed rules that state all chips must be stacked in plain view according to color. However when the stacks get 5" high or so it gets almost impossible (for me) to get a good count especially when they are black chips.

    Always carry a copy of the rules with you. A misdeal occurred when the hands were delt out of order and the pit boss ruled that the hands will be played as is. I pulled out their copy of the rules and allready had the misdeal rule circled in red for him to read and he had to reverse his decision and a redeal was done. I've been victimized by misdeals in the past.

    In some small tournament I heard from a friend of mine that 2 buddies were sitting next to each other in the final round. He missed 1st prize he claims because one of the 2 buddies who was out of it must have passed some chips to his buddy. You have to be alert to everything which makes a session tiresome.

  7. baseballcoach

    baseballcoach New Member

    The Hard Rock tournament rules require all chips to be stacked in plain view according to color. I assumed that meant a separate stack for reds, greens, and blacks must be all together. I was wrong. They only require that the chips be stacked in the same color. So, you could have as many separate stacks of each color as you wanted. :confused: Is this the way most casinos interpret the rule regarding color stacking?

  8. alwayslatewith8

    alwayslatewith8 New Member

    Hi. I'm a newbie. I see this happen frequently at Hard Rock. The dealer I especially like tells everyone in the beginning to keep their chips visible to everyone, and then when someone is hiding chips, she reminds them multiple times and they still don't listen. I was really irritated with his lack of respect for her last time being that he was completely ignoring her, but I didn't say anything because I pretty much knew how much he had anyway, but what a jerk.
  9. Monkeysystem

    Monkeysystem Top Member Staff Member

    If It Gets Ugly

    If things get really ugly and you see a player refusing to uncover chips even when the dealer asks, then you need to call over the floor or tournament director. Escalate it as high as necessary, and don't back down. Ignore their nasty disposition if they're giving it to you. You paid to be in the tournament, you have a right to see to it that the rules are followed.

    If the tournament director sides with the offending player, it's probably because he tips well or something like that. Don't play in their casino any more and report it on this website. Consider reporting it to Gaming.
  10. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    I'm ALL done with Rampart due to a similar incident in a small BJT. Last hand and this clown kept shuffling his chips, wouldn't stop. I asked him to remove his hand. He told me how many he had (yeah, right, buddy). Tournament director heard what was going on, came over and started barking down the seconds I had left to make a bet. Wouldn't address the shuffling situation. Kept barking right in my ear. I finally made what turned out to be a really bad bet when there was an obviously better move.

    I know the clown was a regular there, hence the preferential treatment. It'll be a cold day in hell before I darken their doorway again.
  11. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    I bet I know who that is. She's also an experienced tournament player when she's not dealing, so she definitely knows how things should be done. Whether the players cooperate is of course another matter.
  12. It seems like this is a "must do" at most of the craps tournaments I have played in. It is so much easier to do there.
  13. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    Rapid mood deterioration happens

    I'm not at all "bashful" about this. I'll ask nicely the first time (to make ALL chips visible) and less nice the second. By the third time, it will be more like a demand than a request.
    If the person isn't a jerk, they will comply. If they are a jerk, I'm not hesitant to get in their face!

    Billy C
  14. noman

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    What's the POT

    U play enough U run into all kinds of stchuff. We all have contributed to what makes the best tourney, but in reality it don't exist. Be prepared, be prepared, the motto of a TRUE SCOUT and do your duddly do right best. If the payout is there, well then U go for it.
  15. Billy C

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    Rough night, noman?

    Billy C

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