Playing a tournament after a back off

Discussion in 'Blackjack Tournament Strategy' started by tucson1972, Apr 30, 2022.

  1. tucson1972

    tucson1972 Member

    Do any of you have experience attempting to play a blackjack tournament in a casino after they asked you to not play blackjack? I wasn’t 86’d. I’m alllowed anything else in the casino. Would you expect this to be an issue if I attempted to play a blackjack tournament on the same property? Appreciate your thoughts/experience.
  2. gronbog

    gronbog Top Member

    I thought I recalled doing this at a Vegas casino in 2013, but looking back at my records, I was backed off the day after the tournament.
  3. johnr

    johnr Top Member

    Years ago at Lady Luck Las Vegas, They restricted my bet to whatever My First bet after shuffle I could not change for other hands. But they still let play in their tournaments.
  4. tucson1972

    tucson1972 Member

    Awesome. That’s what I was hoping to hear…..

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