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    As I'm reading the basic strategy for C.S. poker, it says to raise if your hand is: Ace, King, Jack, 8, 3 or better because this is the break even point. I'm not sure how to ask my question. I'll just give an example. If I have A, K, J, 7, 4 for example, would I still raise? Because my 7 is 1 lower than the 8, but the 4 is 1 higher than the three, so wouldnt that make it just the same? Or if I had A, K, Q, 7, 3 is another example. Would that hand be as good??? Or do all card values have to be at least what is mentioned? I have to have 1 card that is ace, one card at least king, one card at least jack, one card at least 8, and 1 card at least 3? I think this is probably the case. Sorry if my question seems stupid, I've not really played poker, just trying to get ready for a series of Caribbean stud tourneys.

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    Thanks Swog...

    for the answer to my question and the info page. It seems like not much is to be gained from playing optimal strategy over the easy strategies. Around
    .1 only.

    Good Cards,

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