Poker is not a game of skill?

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    Ah, the wry, subtle humor of the English.
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    I wonder?

    Considering the knowledgeable players and statisticians from this site. Would they have made more of a case in court regarding the skill verses luck factor in Blackjack tournaments?

    In fact, if you were in a test case in court to determine whether Poker or Blackjack is a game of skill as opposed to luck, which game would you choose to best demonstrate this.

    Would Blackjack tournament play have had a better chance to succeed in the court case rather than Poker tournament play?


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    Poker hands down!

    I love BJ tournaments, but only control we have is size of the bets and action on the hands. Bottomline is if we have the best hand we win, if not we lose (sometimes get a push).

    In poker the best hand doesn't always win, that is where I think poker has the advantage over blackjack as far as skill of play.
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    All I can say:

    Many years back the case was posed, tried and decided in California. The decision then (based on the expert arguements) that draw poker was a game of skill. Hence all the poker rooms, lounges, resorts that sprung up in the State. Since then, I'm not on top of Calif or US decisions.

    Droogie, I'm sure the baristers used a lot of the precedents from the US cases, but again, that wry, subtle British humor. Or bottom line. Someone didn't get paid enough.

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