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Discussion in 'Blackjack Tournament Strategy' started by gronbog, Jan 23, 2012.

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    The topic of promo chips came up in another thread and the timing is good, since I have been looking into some situations which could present an advantage situation depending on what the rules and procedures of play are with respect these chips/coupons. I have read The Wizard's appendix on this topic and he raises some variation in these rules/procedures which got me thinking about additional possibilities.

    So, what I would like from those of you experienced in the play of promo chips and match play coupons to let me know if you have ever encountered the following conditions:
    • Match Play:
      • The house immediately replaces your coupon with a real chip
      • Allowed to double for the full amount using real money
      • Allowed to split using real money
      • Allowed to surrender:
        • The house takes your coupon only
        • The house takes your matching bet only
      • Other variations?
    • Promo Chips:
      • Allowed to double for the full amount using real money
      • Allowed to split using real money
      • Allowed to surrender:
        • The house pays you 1/2 the value of your chip/coupon
      • Other variations?
    I suspect that some of these (especially the surrender options) are unlikely to be offered, however, all of them, except surrendering and losing your matching bet, would present real money advantage situations and would perhaps result in a modified basic strategy because:
    • Doubling for the full amount with real money is equivalent to allowing double-for-more
    • Splitting with real money is equivalent to splitting for more
    • Surrendering and losing only a match play coupon is equivalent to a push
    • Surrendering and being paid 1/2 the value of a promo chip is equivalent to a 1/2 bet win
    Anyway, please let me know either privately, or on this thread, if you have seen these or other match play/promo chip variations in actual play.

  2. gronbog

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    Thanks for Hopinglarry for pointing me to

    which I had already seen and which was part of the reason why I was looking into this. The topic is covered there in exhaustive detail. I'm still interested in which match play/promo chip variations that folks have seen for themselves in actual play.
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    Here is Reno, with both promo chips and match play, you can both double and split for the full amount with real money. That was also true in washington. Surrender doesn't seem to be much of an option here. In Waashington, when you surrender, you lost the entire match play or promo chip as well as half your bet. In Vegas, the times I have used promo chips both double and split were available for the full amount.

    The promo we use most often though is 2 for 1 blackjack coupons, good for any bet up to $25 and good until the next shuffle. I try for six deck shoe heads-up. Even get to play multiple hands with coupon on each. AND I can use promo chips!
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    For the match play you would never surrender with this rule.
    For the promo chip, did you get paid 1/2 the value of the chip and lose it (good option), or pay 1/2 the value of the chip and lose it (you would never surrender with this rule)?

    For the promo ships you mention in Washington and in Vegas, have you seen both kinds (play once, play until you lose)?
  5. leilahay

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    Promo chips and surrender, you lose the entire promo chip, just like the match play. Of course this means never surrender. Got $100 just yesterday but tables were crowded so I haven't played them yet. Another good thing here in Reno anyway is that you can save them until you have a larger bankroll.

    Most promo I get have been the play once type except those for Harrahs tournaments. When given the choice by Harrahs, i
    I have been more likely to take free play and use it on video poker (full pay) in high limit. Doing that I have always cashed better than 100%. When I have opted for promo chips (they use vouchers) close to 100% has been about average. They are play til you lose but only allowed on even money bets. Blackjack with the promo only plays even. You have to consider not only the value of the promo chip but the rules nad penetration at the table. In Vegas, they are mostly pretty bad.

    Another consideration is whether you are earning comps or tier credits while using promo. Harrahs yes, most places, no.

    Eldorado in Reno *(2-1 blackjacks) has the play til you lose variety but the are stingy with them. I usually only get $10 per month.
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