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    We have a new forum category here at - Psychology and Tilt. The first contribution has been made by Dr. Tricia Cardner.

    Dr. Cardner is an expert in psychology, who specializes in poker, sports, and similar fields.

    She has doctoral degrees in psychology and criminology, is a licensed psychotherapist, and has taught psychology at the collegiate level.

    Dr. Cardner is the author of "Positive Poker" and "Peak Poker Performance," and is a contributor to "Excelling at No Limit Hold 'Em."

    As a longstanding blackjack tournament player who has been working to add poker to my repertoire, I can tell you that the mental game is very similar in blackjack tournaments and poker. I believe Dr. Cardner's expertise carries over very nicely to our game.

    As in poker, tilt can have disastrous consequences in blackjack tournaments. Tilt is more than just anger or frustration - it is anything that takes you off your A-game mentally. When calculating our bet for the final hand of a blackjack tournament round, we have to identify the situation, and perform rapid, accurate mental arithmetic. You simply can't perform at this level on tilt, and we've all seen how unforgiving this game can be towards a simple addition mistake.

    Beside tilt, there is a lot more about the mental game in blackjack tournaments.

    You can find out more about Dr. Cardner and her work at:

    And who knows? Maybe we can teach her a thing or two about blackjack tournaments!
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