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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Canada)' started by Archie, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Archie

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    Yesterday, Feb. 1, at the Casino-du-Lac Lemay (Ottawa area) was the first of a month long twice a week (Fridays and Tuesdays) satellites events for the Quebec Masters Series Grand finale March 20 and 21 2008.

    Satellites will end as soon as 50 entries are filled for the March two days 200k first prize Tournament. (The field is limited at 126 entries).

    These satellites are best described as "first-come-first-in, "win your table" and get a free entry" (worth 2k) to the March event. It's starts at 8 p.m (EST) and runs as long as enough people are on the premises to form a table.

    Entry fee for the satellites : $200 CND.

    I was lucky enough to win a table on my first try (with the help of a very mean dealer, a group of mostly comped newbies and a ten inches snowstorm that kept most of the out of town top players like Zweeky and BJFan4 sitting confortably at home with their laptop and t.v ). :laugh:

    BTW the organizers are going the extra mile to make a success of this two day event.

    The entry fee now includes two free nights at the five star Hilton Hotel on the casino complex worth $400 CND. This change does not yet appear on the Forum events calendar. How's that for good EV (+ meals comped for players and their guest).
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  2. zweeky

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    Congrats for your qualification Archie, I'm jealous ;)
  3. BJFAN4

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    WTG Archie!!!

    The fox was amongst the chickens! Congratulations!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  4. fgk42

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    Congratulations Archie!!!!
  5. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Zweeky played the man on last hand

    and won a satellite after his second try. Congratulations.

    On the 14th and last hand, three players remaining (25 min. 2k max. bet, no surrender, no secret bet, no hidden card on DD), Zweeky has a small lead and was first to bet. Here's the situation and how his thinking went :

    1 - Zweeky $2050
    2 - XX $1500
    3 - YY $1950

    "Betting first with three players in the race, I believe it's better to take the high, but I could'nt convince myself to do it because of the behaviour at the table of the player betting last (YY). Like me, he made small bets all the way to the last hand ($25 or at most $100), but he seemed not to be paying attention : he was never looking at other people stacks and didn't show interest when they did the count on the second to last hand. Strangely, he did not even seem to realize that he was playing the last hand. I was concerned that he was just putting up a show, but my instincts kept telling me that this guy would not make a big bet.

    So,with a lead of 75, I bet 50. The player on my left went all-in and the lunatic guy on my right bet only 100, as I thought, giving me the high and low on him."

    1 - Zweeky $2050 bets 50
    2 - XX $1500 bets 1500
    3 - YY $1950 bets 100

    Dealer showed an 8 and all three of us had stiffs.

    Zweeky stood at 16, XX busted, and YY hit once and stood.

    Dealer busted and Zweeky won 2075 to 2050. They shook hands and the guy said to Zweeky : "I have no idea what happened, but congratulations!"

    "I don't think I would take the low again with three players and betting in first position, but I was happy to see that my read came true", said Zweeky...who was surely more happy of winning a free entry to the Grand Finale (2000k) + two nights at the Hilton and free meals. Cost : $400
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  6. Monkeysystem

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    I Love It

    This is a great example of how a player combined the theory of the game with keen observation of an opponent to produce excellent card play in tournament blackjack.

    Congratulations Zweeky!
  7. LeftNut

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    ATTABOY Zweeky!!!

    Awesome news! :cheers:

    It's always wonderful to hear of good things happening to good people - and to a damn fine player as well.
    Congratulations, Z!
  8. BJFAN4

    BJFAN4 New Member

    Well done Z!

    Another solid BJT'er seizes the moment! Congrats on a very alert play. Good luck to you and Archie in the big $200,000 finale!;) ;) ;)
  9. sweetteabird

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    Way to GO SWEEKY!!!!!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!! :D

    Zweettteabird :)
  10. zweeky

    zweeky Member

    Thanks all, that was certainly a great feeling, and i'm very pleased to be part of "The Big One" on March 20/21. :)

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