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Discussion in 'Sidewalk Cafe' started by TXtourplayer, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    For tomorrow nights NFL opener no pick for me, my opinion would be Oakland + 7.5 and the under 50.

    For College football I like these games: last weeks record 8-3.

    3* Oklahoma -30.5 over Tulsa.........They won't lose two at home and should be up for a blow out.

    7* Minnisota. -13 over Colo. St...........Minn. is tough at home.

    10* Iowa -8.5 over Iowa St.............Iowa is the whole package this year.

    7* Texas - over Ohio St..............TX is great road team and deep.

    5* TCU -14.5 over SMU..............Last week was not luck, this team is good.

    2* Akron +34.5 over Purdue........34.5 pts at home sounds like to many here.
  2. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Add two pick's

    I added these two games for Sat.

    10* Wisconsin -33 over Temple

    10* Florida -29.5 over La. Tech
  3. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    NFL Pick's - week 1

    Here's my NFL selections for week one.

    5* G.Bay/Det. over 46

    5* Cini. -3.5 over Clev

    3* Wash. -5.5 over Chi.

    2* Caro. -7 over N.O.


    Ariz. +3 over NYG

    Dallas +4.5 over S.D.

    Good luck all, hope my College games come in tomorrow as well.
  4. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Wow! Dog day in the NFL.

    What a first week of NFL action. Upset after upset, I ended up down on the NFL picks (won in college), but from what I heard most lost this week.

    I am in a picking contest for the NFL this year. We started with 2,420 players and after the first week 1,315 players are out! Please note these picks are not even against the spread and over half the players are already finished for the year. I survived the first week with a 9 - 7 victory on Washington Redskins.

    They pointed out on ESPN that out of 10 games with last year playoff teams playing teams that didn't make the playoffs 7 out of 10 lost yesterday.
  5. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sept. 15th - 17th picks

    For the year in College I am 11 - 6 ATS, and + $1,000 (up 20 units based on $50 per unit).

    Here my picks:

    Thursday 15th:

    1* Utah over TCU

    Friday 16th:

    1* Houston/UTEP over 61.5

    Saturday 17th:

    3* Auburn -36 over Ball St.

    1* UCLA -6.5 over Oklahoma

    5* V. Tech -33.5 over Ohio

    5* Georgia/LA Monroe over 50

    7* Wisconsin -3 over NC

    5* Minnisota -31 over Flo. Atl.

    5* N. Texas -4 over Tulsa

    1* Fresno St. +2.5 over Oregon

    2* U. Conn. +15 over G. Tech

    10* Air Force -2.5 over Wyoming

    5* Mia/Ohio -6 over Kent

    Good Luck
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  6. Making money with the best of them

    I heard that some intelligent handsome cowboy was tearing them up in football again this year so I had to end my 4 month hiatus and see what selections could put a few bucks in my pocket on this site.

  7. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Kill him!

    Damn Bradley, I'd kill that liar.....LOL.

    If your going to play stay with the 5* picks and up.

    Good Luck buddy, see you next month.

    P.S. The Hooters girls all say Hi!
  8. instagator

    instagator New Member

    Hide 'N Watch

    Well looks like I gotta jump in here and have some fun

    3*Pittsburgh over Nebraska - Spead is moving in that direction.
    2*Michigan St. plus the points - MOO U always plays them tough
    5*Alabama over South Carolina - Spurrier married my cousin, Jerri is nervous
    3*Central Florida plus against South Florida - 3 point move in that direction
    5*Clemson plus over Miami- another Bowden loss for the Hurries
    10*FSU vs. BC - Go under the 38, BC is the biggest team in college football
    5*Take Wisconsin no matter the number
    5*And to pick some extra cash for the pros bet the ranch on the Red Sox
    And of course the 15* buzzer lock of the week, The Florida InstaGators over Tennessee. Lay the points and rake in the dough.
    Good luck in Tunica everyone.
  9. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Nice Sat.

    Between Rick's pick's (7-3-1) and Instagtors (7-1) ya'll should have had a nice Sat. playing college football.

    For Suday's action I like the following:

    5* Balt. -3.5 over Tenn. LOST

    2* Cini. -3 over Minn. WON

    2* Buffalo +2.5 over T.Bay LOST

    5* Atl/Sea. over 42 LOST

    3* KC/Oak. over 54 LOST

    3* Dal. -6 over Wash. (tomorrow night!)

    Good luck all!
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  10. instagator

    instagator New Member

    NFL Sunday

    Excuse me while I answere the door. Oh its the Brinks Armored Truck with a delivery. Up 28* from Saturday. Was about to bet Texas yesterday but we went out to eat at our favorite Chinese resturant yesterday and I asked the waitress what she liked. She said anything's good over Rice. The meal was lousy so I didn't bet the game, turned out Texas got a win/no cover.
    We're playing these on an empty stomache:
    10* Jax +9 @Indy History of playing them tough
    5* under in TB/Buff. The Cadillac against the best defense in the NFL
    10* Cinci -3 vs Minn Bengals show 'em "No Mas"
    5* Carolina +3 vs NE This may be the only blemish on their record
    15* Ariz -1 vs Rams Worst coach in NFL takes his team to the desert on grass
    5* Clev +6 @GB Two teams going in opposite directions
    10* Miami +6 @ Jets. Miami finally has a QB & RB to go with their defense.
    5* SD +3 @ Denver Broncos overated
    5* KC even 2 Raiders Almost like the over but the KC D is much better in '05
    5* Dallas -5.5 vs Skins Gibbs should have stayed with NASCAR
    Bonus pick Jeff Gordon @ Loudin and the LA Dodgers
    By the way Jim Fiest charged $500 to his elete player for the Micigan St over ND selection yesterday but you got it free here.
  11. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Instagator in a landslide this week

    Instagator edged me out in the college picks, but killed me on the pro picks this weekend.

    In the first two weeks I haven't posted a winning week in the pros yet!
  12. instagator

    instagator New Member

    Quik Picks
    10# Purdue -3
    10* NCST-11
    10* Ohio St -8
    5* Florida -22.5
    5*under in the Michigan game
    2* parly to win 5# Oregon -21 and over 68
    2* take the money line on Georgia
    2* Northern Ill -7
    2* Tulane -3.5
    2*Atlanta Braves
  13. instagator

    instagator New Member


    Better correct this before Rick jumps my bones
    Georgia is -15 while money line play is Oregeno St
    The big spead mover is Hawaii going from -3 to even, 3* on the Bows.
    2* Notre Dame -13.5
  14. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sunday's pick's

    I wasn't crazy about that many of the college play on the first week of conference play. That along with me getting ready for the cruise I didn't put any college picks up this week.

    Now for the pro's I like these games.

    3* Cini. -3.5 over Chi. Maybe a good under bet also. (WON)

    1* NO +3.5 over Minn. Until Minn. show something I'd bet against. (LOST)

    3* Caro. -3.5 over Miami Maybe another good under play. (LOST)

    5* Clev/Ind over 47 Payton breaks out and Ind "D" lets down. (LOST)

    5* Dal. -6.5 over SF Should win if they play the full 60 minutes this week. (LOST)

    1 - 4 after Sunday OUCH!

    Monday night:

    1* KC +3 over Denver Denver is tough place to play.
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  15. instagator

    instagator New Member

    NFL Sunday

    15* Steelers -3 New Sheriff in town.
    10*Bills-2.5 D can stop Vick
    10* Jax over a rag arm QB
    10* TB -3 over Porkers
    5* Cinci -3
    5*Cleve +14 too many ballons
    3* NO +3.5 Short week only hope for the "No Mas" offense
    3* Eagles -8
    5* SD -6
    2* SD Padres
  16. instagator

    instagator New Member

    Picks this week go to the dogs

    2* Pittsburgh +1.5 Seems like Pitt should be favored by 4. Could be a trap
    3* Michigan +5.5 Ripe for an upset.
    4* WVa +10 Always play VT tuff.
    5* Fla +3.5 At Tuscalosa. Tough stadium to play in, all the men over 40 with no teeth wear their Bear Bryant "hound's tooth" hats, think they can walk on water, and hold up their religious icons: a roll of toilet paper and a box of detergent. The average educational level in the stands is the 4th grade and that incudes the alumni.
    3* Ariz St. +15 SC gets their only loss this week. May not be as easy as 2003
    2* Clemson +6.5 over Wake
    4* ND +3 They need lot of Hail Marys this week. A passing game will also help.
    2* South Florida +21 vs Miami Can you say over confidence
    2* Central Michigan +11 over the ZIPS. Akron has the most miles of sewers per capita of any city in the world, and they need them all.
    10*Texas -14 over Mizzou. New #1 when the BCS comes out.
  17. Fla -3.5 or Ala +3.5?????
  18. Also, Clem -6.5 not +6.5?
  19. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    13 Point Turnaround

    Thats why their results are so good they take a 6 1/2 favorite and make them + 6 1/2
    for a 13 point turnaround

    You and I Mr Peterson would break every book in town if we could move the line 13 points :rolleyes:
  20. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sat. Plays

    Damn Joep giving me hell over instagtor mistake...LOL. I am up in college ball, but in the pro's I'm down so much "I have to jump up to touch bottom"...LOL

    Here are todays pick's!

    5* Wisiconsin -11.5 (Wrong line would have pushed at 17)
    2* Virgina - 2 (LOST)
    3* V. Tech - 6 (WON)
    5* TX Tech - 10 (WON)
    7* Minn. - 1 (GOT KILLED, guess Minn. can't play on the road)
    10* USC - 9.5 (NO ACTION - Wrong line) USC won by 10.
    10* Boston College -38.5 (LOST) I hate this BC won 38 - 0. 1/2 killed me.


    1* Texas -14.5 (I like TX, but on the road the week before TX/OU weekend)
    (WON) I was impressed with TX today.
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