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    I'm so lucky

    Thank goodness I have Joep as a friend....LOL. He is always there to watch out for me.

    I may make a friendly little wager with you that I come out on top for todays action if you are interested.

    And you missed one I added, now 16 games. I added big play 40* Iowa over Minn.
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  2. TXtourplayer

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    Basketball Pick

    I like Dallas at home tonight to defete the un-beaten Det. Pistons.

    Line is:

    10* Dallas -2.5 over Det.

    So far my college football games have been hitting today (big games anyway). Looks like Joep may have saved money not betting me...LOL.
  3. TXtourplayer

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    What a day

    Joep your a very lucky man you didn't book my plays today. I tried to take you up on your offer, good for you you didn't take them...LOL.

    Going by the Stars (each star being a unit) I would be up over 110 units up in football for the day and my biggest play Fresno St. is winning at the half outright, plus they are getting 27 points and that is a 50* pick.

    I just missed my 5 teamer (TX-El-Paso was the only loss).

    Plus I won another 10* on Dallas Mavericks tonight over unbeaten Detroit Pistons in a blow out.

    Fresno St. ended up covering for my big pick yesterday. That put me up 160 stars in football and 10 more for the NBA.
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  4. TXtourplayer

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    Sunday's Pick's

    I hope I can keep the winning going from Sat.

    3* Cini. +5.5 over Indy (LOST)

    3* Phil. +7 over NY Giants (LOST) Missed FG at end of game.

    5* Oak. +6.5 over Wash. (WON)

    7* Sea. -12 over SF (LOST)

    10* Dallas -7 over Det. (WON) Ugly, but a win.

    10* Dallas/Det. over 39 (LOST) Not even close

    10* Oak/Wash. over 43 (LOST) Another total not close

    15* Jacksonville -4 over Tenn. (LOST) Blew 10 pt. lead with seconds remaining.

    Good luck

    Today was the day to bet me Joep...LOL. Minus -33* for the day.
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  5. TXtourplayer

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    Rick's Pick's Record

    I started posting at the first of Sept. 05' (for this year) since that time this is my record.

    MLB playoffs.............................................- 9*

    NBA.......................................................+ 10*
    (no losses)

    NHL........................................................+ 20*
    (no losses)

    NFL.........................................................+ 20*

  6. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Turkey Day Pick's

    Hope these are not TURKEY's...LOL

    College Pick's

    10* W. Virgina -15 over Pitt. (WON)

    15* Akron -13 over Kent St. (WON)

    NFL Pick's

    5* Dal/Den. over 40.5 (WON)

    10* Atl. -3 over Det. ...I normally like Det. on Thanksgiving, but Atl. is coming off of a loss. (WON)

    10* Dallas +2.5 over Den. ....I think Dal. "D" get's 2 or more int's today in a hoilday win. (LOST) Damn missed FG.

    50* Atl/Det. over 43 ....best bet of the day. (LOST)

    Good luck and happy hoildays.
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  7. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Fridays Picks

    Yesterdays top pick was a dog (costed me a winning day), and then Dallas missed a FG that cost me. Hopefully today will be better.

    3* Texas -27.5 over A & M .....this is not a gimmie (LOST)

    15* LSU -17.5 over Ark. Maybe closer then lots think. (LOST)

    20* Ariz. St. -10 over Ariz. (LOST)

    30* Wisconsin -7 over Haw. (WON)

    50* Texas/A&M over 61.5 .......should be lots of scoring in this one. (WON)
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  8. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sat. Pick's

    Unlike Thursday top pick, Fridays came in both winners.

    Here's Sat. Pick's

    10* Fresno St. -15 over Neveda (LOST)

    20* San Jose St. -7 over Idaho (WON)

    30* TX-EL Paso -7 over SMU (LOST)

    50* Boise St. -6.5 over La Tech (WON)
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  9. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sunday's Pro Pick's

    I'm doing great in college, but the pro's have been killing me. Hopefully that chances today.

    10* San Diego - 3 over Wash. (S.D. just has the better team) (WON)

    20* Seattle -4.5 over NYG (giants suck on the road) (LOST) They just didn't suck enough...LOL

    25* Cini. -9 over Balt. (bengals rebound from Indy loss) (WON)

    30* Chicago +3 over T. Bay (Taking bears "D" over Sims at QB) (WON)

    40* SD/Wash over 43 (both teams should score alot in this game) (LOST)

    50* NO +1.5 over NYJ (N.O. is bad, but NY is horrible) (WON)

    NHL Pick's

    20* Carolina over Atlanta (LOST)

    20* T. Bay over Pitt. (WON)

    NBA Pick

    10* NJ -1.5 over LA Lakers (WON)
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  10. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Monday Picks

    I had a nice weekend, hope it continues tonight.

    I am going with:


    5* Pitt. + 9 over Indy (LOST)

    10* Pitt/Indy under 48 (WON)


    3* Dallas -7 over Toronto (LOST) Losing Josh Howard hurt more then I thought.

    5* Miami -7.5 over NY (WON)
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  11. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Tuesday's Pick's

    I'm on a little roll now, hopefully I can stay on it for a while. Tonight I will try my luck at men's college basketball along with NBA and NHL picks.


    3* Dal. PK over Milw. (LOST) in OT

    5* Phil. -9 over Port. (WON)

    10* Ind. -4 over Utah (WON)


    3* Caro. over Alt. (WON)

    5* Ottawa over Mont. (WON)

    10* NJ over Bos. (WON)

    Mens NCAAB

    3* Michigan -5.5 over Miami FL. (WON)

    3* LSU -9 over Houston (LOST)

    5* Iowa St. -3.5 over N. Iowa (WON)

    5* St. Johns -5.5 over Hofstra (LOST)

    10* S. Florida +2 over Fla. International (LOST) in double OT

    10* Wake Forest -5.5 over Wisconsin (LOST)

    Winner in NBA and NHL, but lost in Mens NCAAB. Over all win for Tuesday.
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  12. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Wed. Pick's


    *5 Iowa -5 over NC St. (LOST)

    7* Utah -2.5 over Utah St. (LOST)

    10* Virg. -6.5 over N.Western (WON)

    15* Tenn. -5 over Murray St. (WON)

    20* Ariz. St. -12.5 N. TX (WON)


    5* Den. -8 over NO (LOST)

    10* Miami -5.5 over Atl. (WON)

    20* Memphis -5.5 over Tor. (WON)


    5* Dallas over San Jose (WON)

    10* Minn. over Columbus (LOST)

    Well over all another winning night.
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  13. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Thursday's Pick's


    5* San A. -2.5 over Dallas (LOST) by 1/2 point

    5* SA/Dal. over 187.5 (LOST) 186 points


    3* NY over Pitt (WON)

    5* Nash. over Minn. (WON)

    5* Det. over Calgary (LOST)

    7* NY/PITT over 6.5 goals (LOST)

    10* Ottawa over Boston (LOST)


    3* Iona -2.5 over Fordham (LOST)

    3* Seton Hall +1 over Richmond (LOST)

    5* Bosie St. -3.5 over Idaho St. (LOST)

    10* Tenn. Tech -12 over Austin Peay (WON)

    10* Kansas -3.5 over Nevada (LOST)

    Good luck

    Ouch! I guess the winning streak is over. -35* for the night.
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    Fridays Picks and Standings

    Rick's Pick's current standings:

    MLB playoffs......-9*






    For tonights picks:


    5* Clev. -3.5 over Sea. (LOST)

    10* Ind. -6.5 over Port. (WON)

    15* Mem. -7 over Orl. (WON)

    20* Phil. -2.5 over NO (LOST)


    10* T. Bay over Chi. (WON)

    25* Ottawa over LA (WON)


    7* Fresno St. -23 over La Tech (LOST)

    15* Fresno St/La Tech over 57 (WON)


    5* Missouri St. -12 over Geo. Southern (WON)

    10* Stanford -7 over Montana (LOST)

    20* Iowa -22.5 over Fairfield (LOST)

    Hope to rebound from last night.
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  15. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sat. Pick's

    Todays Pick's


    10* Memphis -4.5 over Houston (WON)

    15* Det. -4.5 over Chi. (WON)

    20* Dallas -10.5 over NO (LOST)


    5* NJ over Minn. (WON)

    10* Calgary 10* over Pitt. (WON)


    5* Louieville -15 over Conn. (LOST)

    10* W. Virg. -9 over S. Florida (WON)

    15* Texas -26.5 over Colo. (WON) Damn! I guess it's Texas/USC in the Rose Bowl.

    25* LSU -1.5 over Georgia (LOST) Maybe the biggest surprize of the day

    50* UCLA +21 over USC (LOST) Thought UCLA would have put up a better fight.


    5* Iowa St. -13.5 over Fresno St. (LOST)

    10* Clem. -5 over S. Caro. (WON)

    15* Neb. -4.5 over UAB (LOST)

    20* Richmond -2.5 over Ark. St. (LOST)

    Good Luck
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  16. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sunday's Pick's

    Lost 65* yesterday. Top two NCAAF picks killed me.

    Today's Pick's are:


    5* Dallas +3 over NYG (10 days to rebound from the Thanksgiving loss) (LOST)

    7* Caro. -3 over Atl. (WON)

    10* NE -10 over NYJ (WON)

    15* Cini. +3 over Pitt. (I think Cini. ready to step it up) (WON)

    20* T.Bay -3.5 over NO (WON)

    (Late game add-on's)

    5* Ariz. -3 over SF (WON)

    7* Den/KC over 46 (WON)

    10* Den. over KC (Den. had 10 day to get ready) (LOST)


    3* LA Lakers -5.5 over Char. (or should that be Kobie -5.5...LOL) (LOST)

    5* Bos/NY over 196.5 (WON)

    10* Ind. -3.5 over Sea. (LOST)

    30* Phox. -12 over Atl. (maybe best game of the day, to play that is) (WON)


    10* Van. over Bos. (WON)

    20* Colo. over Buff (LOST)

    20* Det. over NYI (LOST)


    3* E. Wash. +2.5 over Northridge (WON) (I originally put E. Mich. by mistake, sorry).

    5* Duke -23 over Virg. Tech (LOST)

    10* Geo. Tech -6.5 over Virg. (WON)

    *NFL NOTE: DALLAS, DENVER, DETRIOT, & ATLANTA all lost. The ones who had 10 days to prepare for todays games.

    Won 49* tonight.
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  17. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Monday Picks


    3* Sea. -3.5 over Phil. (WON)


    3* SA -9.5 over Orl. (WON)

    10* Dallas -2.5 over Chi. (WON)

    10* Dal/Chi. over 189.5 (WON)

    20* Minn. -2.5 over Utah (WON)


    3* Pho. over Atl. (WON)

    5* NYR over Minn. (WON)

    10* Ott. over Flo. (WON)


    3* Mary. -3.5 over GW (LOST)

    5* Louisville -18.5 over Richmond (LOST)

    10* Sac. St. -4.5 over L.B. St. (WON)

    15* Ariz. St. -5 over Minn. (LOST)

    Won 61* tonight, but I am still losing in NCAAB!
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  18. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Tuesday's Pick's


    3* Milw. -5 LA Lakers (LOST)

    5* Den. -12.5 Atl. (LOST)

    7* Sea. -5.5 NYN (LOST)

    20* Memphis -8.5 NO (WON)


    10* San Jose over Atl. (WON)

    20* Det. over NJ (WON)


    5* Calif. -8 San Diego (WON)

    10* Kansas -2.5 St. Joseph's (LOST)

    15* Creighton -6.5 Chattanooga (LOST)

    20* Montana -7 Loyloa Mary (WON)

    30* Kentucky -13 Georgia St. (WON)

    Won +65* for Tuesday.
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  19. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Wed. Pick's


    3* Minn. -7 over Port (WON)

    5* Pho/GS over 209 (WON)

    5* LA Chip. -8 over NYN (LOST)

    10* LA Lakers -3 over Tor. (WON)


    5* Nash over Wash. (WON)

    7* NYR over Chi. (LOST)

    10* Colo. over Bos. (WON)

    20* Dal. over Florida (WON)


    5* Old Dom. -6 over Geo. Mason (LOST)

    10* NC -14 over St. Louis (LOST)

    15* Virg. -13 Fordham (LOST)

    20* TX. Tech -13 LA. Tech. (LOST)

    Good Luck

    -9* for the day, NCAAB still killing me, -50 for the day on just that.
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  20. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Thursday's Pick's


    5* Sac. -2.5 over Hous. (LOST)

    15* Ind. -5 over Wash. (WON)


    3* NYI over Columbus (LOST)

    5* Buff. over Anah. (WON)

    10* S.J. over Flo. (WON)

    10* Nash. over NYR (LOST)

    15* T. Bay over St. Louis (WON)


    5* E. Ill. +8 over Tenn. Tech (WON)

    10* SE Missouri St. -1 over Tenn. St. (PUSH)

    25* Ill. -7 over G.town (WON)

    30* Gonzaga -10.5 over Wash. St. (WON)

    Good night + 87*
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