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  1. TXtourplayer

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    Wed. Pick's


    5* Pho. -3 over Wash. (WON)

    5* Memp. +2.5 over LA Lakers (WON)

    10* Phil. -4.5 over Port. (LOST)


    5* Phil. over Atl. (WON)

    7* Chi. over St. L. (LOST)

    10* NJ over Wash. (WON)

    15* Ott. over Caro. (WON)


    5* BC/Boisie St. over 54 (LOST) but didn't post until after it started

    5* Neb/Mich. over 48 (WON)

    20* BC -2.5 over Boisie St. (WON) but can't count it.

    30* Mich. -10 over Neb. (LOST)


    5* Wiscon. -13.5 over La. Tech. (WON)

    5* Mich. St. -17.5 over Tenn. Tech. (LOST)

    7* Cal. St. Full. -1.5 over Fla. Int. (WON)

    10* St. Peter -4.5 over Colum. (WON)

    15* ND -11.5 over Fordam (WON)

    15* Pepper. -5 over N.Ridge (WON)

    Plus +45* for the day. I was late posting BC or would have won another 25* on that game.
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  2. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Wed. Pick's


    5* Mia/Det. under 192.5 (LOST)

    5* SA -13 over NO (WON)

    10* Den. -6 over Sea. (LOST)


    20* Dal. over St. L. (WON)

    20* Cal. over Minn. (WON)


    10* Utah/G.Tech over 45.5 (WON)

    20* Utah +8.5 over Geo. Tech. (WON)

    20* Ore/Okl. over 55 (LOST)

    300* Ore. -3 over Okl. (My Bowl game of the year!) (LOST) Toilet Bowl...LOL


    5* Mont. St. -8 over N.D. St. (LOST)

    7* Fresno St. -8 over SF (LOST)

    15* Idaho St. -4 over Bing. (LOST)

    15* Nev. -13 over La. Laf. (LOST)

    25* Ariz. -3 over Wash. St. (WON)

    25* TX Tech. -3 over N. Mex. St. (WON)

    Good Luck!

    Oregon killed me last night, -252* for the night (-300 just on Ore.)
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  3. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Fridays Picks

    I'm still in shock over my "Bowl of the year pick". Hopefully I can get some of the stars back tonight.


    5* Mia. -3 over Wash. (WON)

    10* Dal. -8 over Gold. St. (LOST)

    15* Sac. -1.5 over Bos. (WON)

    25* Ind. -6.5 over Tor. (LOST)


    20* T.Bay over Bos. (LOST)

    50* Ott. over NYI (WON)


    10* LSU +6.5 over Mia. Fl. (WON)


    5* Wis. GB +1 over UC Irvine (WON)

    5* Duqu. -4.5 over Troy (LOST)

    10* N.Ill. -8 over ND St. (LOST)

    20* UAB -7.5 over S. Flo. (WON)

    30* LB ST. -5 over Cornelle (WON)

    Plus 65* for tonight, still trying to recover last nights losses.
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  4. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sat. Pick's

    It's the last day of the year, I'm working tonight so I'm getting wild today. I've picked a ton of games for today.
    Good luck to all and have a Happy (and Safe) New Year!


    5* SD -10 over Den. (LOST)

    10* SD/Den. over 43.5 (LOST)

    10* NYG/Oak. over 40.5 (WON)

    10* NYG -7.5 over Oak. (WON)


    5* Memp. pk over Sea. (WON)

    15* SA -5 over Den. (WON)

    20* Det. -3 over Clev. (LOST)

    30* Pho. -2.5 over Chi. (WON)

    50* Dal. -4 over NO (WON)

    50* Phil. pk over Utah (LOST)


    10* NJ over Tor. (LOST)

    10* Dallas over LA (LOST)

    20* Caro. over Mont. (WON)

    20* Cal. over Edm. (WON)

    30* Phil. over Wash. (LOST)

    30* Det. over Colum. (WON)


    5* S. Fla. +3.5 over NC. St. (LOST)

    10* S.Fla/NC.St. over 42 (LOST)

    15* TCU -2 over Iowa St. (WON)

    30* TCU/Iowa St. over 49 (WON)

    30* Fres.St./Tulsa over 61 (LOST)

    100* Fres. St. -7 over Tulsa (LOST)


    10* Wash. -4 over Ariz. (LOST)

    20* SD St. -6 over Loyola (WON)

    20* USC -3 over Stanford (WON)

    30* S. Hall -1.5 over Iona (WON)

    30* DePaul -14.5 over Fla. Int. (LOST)

    40* Ohio St. -6 over LSU (LOST)

    40* Nev. -4 over St. Mary (LOST)

    50* Lou. -2 over Mia. Fla (WON)

    50* UCLA -5.5 over Cal. (LOST)
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  5. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Monday's Pick's

    Hope everybody had a Happy New Year and safe one.


    10* Pho. -6 over NYN (LOST)


    5* Phil. over Bos. (WON)

    5* Tor. over Pitt. (WON)

    10* Van. over St. L. (LOST)

    20* Ott. over Atl. (LOST)

    20* Cal. over Chi. (WON)


    10* TX Tech -3 over Alb. (LOST)

    10* Wiscon. + 10 over Aub. (WON)

    20* Geo. -6 over W. Virg. ( )

    20* ND +5 over Ohio St. (LOST)

    20* Flo. +1 over Iowa (WON)

    50* Lou. +10 over V. Tech (LOST)

    50* Lou/V.Tech over 55 (WON)


    10* Rice -7 over Yale (LOST)

    10* Memp. -7 over Texas (LOST)

    10* Tenn. Tech -7 over Samford (LOST)

    50* Tulsa -3.5 over N. Tex (LOST)

    50* UAB -8 over Virg. Comm. (LOST)

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  6. TXtourplayer

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    National Championship Game

    Everybody thinks USC will win the game, there playing at home, they are undefeted in the passed three years.

    The news media isn't giving Texas a chance.

    They are comparing this years USC team to the greatest teams ever.

    So my pick is:

    500* TEXAS +7 1/2. (WON)

    1,000* Texas/USC over 69 (WON)

    Mack Brown (Texas coach) thanked the media for that say's, "Not giving our team any chance of winning makes his job easier to fire up his team".

    If any of ya'll saw the look in Vince Youngs face the other day then you know how bad Texas wants to win this game.
    He wasn't happy about losing the Heisman (by a landslide) and the fact no one is giving Texas a chance may make the difference.

    It should be a good high scoring game and USC could blow them out, but I don't think it will happen. I think Texas has a good shot at the upset here.
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  7. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    No Star's, Cash tonight!

    Here's my play's for tonights big game!

    Texas +4 over USC for the 1st half -----$1,000 (WON)

    Texas +7.5 over USC for the game------$2,000 (WON)

    Texas/USC over 69-----------------------$1,000 (WON)

    Parlay Texas +7.5 & Over 69-------------$ 500 (WON)


    "HOOK'EM HORN'S"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sat. Pick's

    Back to Stars


    3* Wash/T.Bay under 37

    3* Jac/N.E. under 37

    3* T.Bay -2.5 over Wash.

    5* Jack. +8 over N.E.
  9. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sat. Pick's

    Well so far I am 2 and 2 (won both totals and lost both sides) on the playoffs. I'll also put my NFC sleeper pick to go to the superbowl now "Carolina".

    Today this is what I like:

    5* NE/Den. under 44 (WIN)

    5* NE +3 over Denver (LOST)

    10* Wash/Sea. under 40 (WON)

    50* Wash. +10 over Sea. (PUSHED) Sea. beat NYG & Dallas by 3 each and lost to Wash. earlier in the year. 10 points is way to many, Wash. on the money line might be a good play today.

    Good luck all.
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  10. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sunday's Pick's

    Today I like:

    3* Pitt. +10 over Indy. (WON)

    5* Pitt/Indy under 48 (WON)

    5* Caro/Chi. over 30.5 (WON)

    10* Caro. +2.5 over Chi. (WON)

    Good Luck

    Clean sweep for all for games!
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  11. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    First hedge play

    I loved Carolina +6 early this week, but the line has dropped to 3.5 on Thursday. I am waiting until before game time (or if it hits 3) to hedge the play.

    A 3 to 6 point Seattle win would be nice then...LOL.
  12. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Rick's Pick's for Sunday

    For today I like the following:

    I hedged my Caro/Sea. game. I have Caro. +6 and then Sea. - 3.5 I am so glad the line dropped...LOL, I would have got killed!

    My picks:

    1st game:

    10* Den/Pitt. over 40.5 good "D" on both sides, but I
    think they well be scoring today. (WON)

    25* Denver -3 over Pitt. both great teams, but Denver is
    8-0 at home for a reason. (LOST)

    2nd game:

    20* Caro/Sea. under 43 (LOST)

    20* Seattle -3.5 over Carolina Seattle has had a magical
    season, I hope it continues today, but between 4 and
    6 points...LOL (WON)

    All four teams could win the Superbowl, both games should be good.

    Well I Changed both my original picks today. I got talked into Denver at home (that worked out well) and Seattle later today. I hope Seattle come through, but my heart is with Carolina. I hated to see Carolina lose, but happy Seattle finally gets to go to teh Superbowl.
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  13. TXtourplayer

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    Super Bowl Pick's

    Well it's Super Bowl Sunday and my pick's are:

    Seattle + 4 over Pittsburgh - I really hope Bill Cowher get his first Super Bowl win, but for betting I have to go with the points. (LOST)

    Sea/Pitt. under 47 - I know I am going against Kenny E. on this one, but I just can't see these teams scoring over 47 points. (WON)

    BEST BET: The one prop bet that has NEVER lost in a Super Bowl is: Will there be an interception? Yes - 100%
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  14. Pittsburg -4

    I'm taking Pittsburg to cover the 4 points and I'll take the over in this one +47. Good Luck to all out there and enjoy the game! Be Safe if driving to and from Super Bowl Parties.

    Take Care

    Thanks for the tip TX, I'll also take the interception one too. Yes there will be at least one.
  15. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Why I made my picks

    When EVERYONE keeps talking about one team or how much scoring there will be I like to go the other way.

    Just like the Texas/USC game.

    Everybody likes Pitt. (and I hope they win) and they should, but Seattle is a pro team and no team wants to be told they don't have a chance. That gets them fired up better then anything. (Pitt. 21-10)

    Now as far as the "D" we all know Pitt has a great "D", but Seattle is not that bad either. Seattle weakness is against the run so I believe it will be more of a slow down game then most expect. (UNDER 31 points)

    I can see Pitt. winning 20-17. (Ended 21-10)

    I maybe way off and it might be a Pitt blow out and well over the 47, but for my money I like the points and under. (Wasn't a blowout but Seattle didn't cover. The receivers couldn't hold on to the ball, that killed them.

    Good luck all.
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