Roulette Tournament: Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Roulette Tournament Strategy' started by toonces, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. toonces

    toonces Member

    So, my fiancee will be playing in a women-only roulette tournament this weekend. Any thoughts or advice?

    The one thing I've been thinking about is (since you can basically pick your own odds) whether it is better to to a progression to become BR* or to increase your odds and to it in one fell swoop?
  2. Springbac

    Springbac Member

    My Advice Is To Find Another Game Since This One Has One Of The Worst Odds In The Casino.
  3. ptaylorcpa

    ptaylorcpa Member

    Format and rules

    I haven't seen anything on roulette tournaments. Can you give us a rundown on the format? Number of spins, bankroll, min/max bet, etc. It seems to me that the stategy should be to go minimum on 1:1 bets and hope everyone busts out before the final spin. You could bet contrary, small bets against big on opposite side of wager to see how that works. Do you have to bet in order, is it a free for all until the dealer calls "No more bets"? If it is open betting, then it might make sense to place a minimum bet and watch what everyone else is doing and try to place the rest of your bet down just before the call.

    It sounds like it could be interesting just to watch the play.
  4. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    Roulette rules.

    Actually, roulette tournaments are much better for a skilled player than any blackjack tournament.
    Just spend some time and try to figure out what is needed to advance to next round or to win it.

    Roulette tournaments were quite popular in AC in past years but not lately.
    Harrah’s and Aladdin in Vegas had roulette tournaments last year with prizes of $20K-$25K for the first place.

    To get you started try to figure out what is your best bet and what are your chances to win if:
    Betting limits are $10 to $200 on any individual number and $25 to $5,000 on the outside boxes (groups of 12 or more numbers); bets are allowed in $5 increments.
    You are betting last and have $3,500.
    Your only opponent had $3,650 and
    a.) Made only one bet - $100 on black
    b.) Has bet eleven individual numbers, all over the board, for $100 each.

    Numbers please.

    Compare this to a similar situation in blackjack tournament.
    Roulette rules?

    S. Yama
  5. toonces

    toonces Member

    Answer: Bet $1880 on Black. Bet $100 on as many red numbers as you can manage.

    Answer: Hold back $2555. Match his $100 bet for 9 of his 11 numbers.

    Good examples, S. Yama.

    We probably won't know the rules until registration time, but based on their other tournaments, I'd assume:
    5 players/table
    1-2 advance per round
    Start with $1000 in chips
    30 spins
    Betting in order for the last few spins.
    Perhaps $10 minimum bet?

    Round 1: 10 tables of 7 - 2 advance - 1 wild card
    Round 2: 3 tables of 7 - 2 advance - 1 wild card
    Round 3: 1 table of 7

    I imagine there will only be a single denomination of chip, one color per player?
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  6. toonces

    toonces Member

    So the remaining general strategy questions I have are:

    1) What to generally do when you are BR* and are first to act.

    First thought: Make a smattering of bets, all at different odds to make life tough on you opponents.

    2) What to generally do when you are not BR* and are first to act.

    First thought: Assume your opponent will play it safe and plan to pass her with as many numbers as possible.

    3) How to protect your lead when you are BR* with 2-10 spins left.

    First thought: Make a smattering of bets at low amounts, at different odds to make life tough on you opponents.

    4) How to make a catchup bet to become BR*
    First thought:
    If you are less than 1/7 behind, bet 1/7 on black or red.
    If you are less than 1/3 behind, bet 1/3 on black or red.
    If you are more than 1/3 behind, determine how much it will take to mave into the lead. Divide your bankroll to cover as many numbers as possible that will give you that amount.
  7. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    good going

    Of course there are more than one way to make optimal bets.
    You’ve got both of them correctly. In both cases you cover 34 out of 38 possibilities. That’s almost ninety percent chance.
    You will never get odds like this in a blackjack tournaments.

    Now, can you make bets to cover 35 out of 38 possible outcomes, assuming your opponent has $3,750 and bets $90 on black? You have $3640.

    S. Y.
  8. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    I will send you some tips how to play it in accordance to the rules you specified later this week in a private message.
    But don't give up on my roulette teaser.

    Anybody else venture to answer?
    What bet covers 35 out of 38 possible outcomes, assuming your opponent has $3,750 and bets $90 on black? You have $3640. Bets are in $5 increments.
  9. johng

    johng New Member

    Good Teaser.

    Man, position is everything in a roulette tournament!!

    How about bet $1,925 on black and $105 on 17 numbers (red or zeros) for a total of 35 chances out of 38 to win.
  10. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    No cigar

    Almost, but no cigar. :)

    Your bankroll is $3,640

    Please, try again.
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  11. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Coming up short

    johng your betting $70 more then you have and even then on the straight up numbers you would be coming up short. Your okay on the black bet.

    You have: $3,640.

    You bet: $105 X 17 numbers = $1,785 + $1,925 bet on black = $3,710.

    Even if you have the extra $70 dollars $105 X 35 (straight number payoff) will only pay $3,675 + your $105 for the winning number = $3,780.

    You will make $3,850 if black hits you will win by $10.

    If the other player has $3,750 and bets $90 on black.

    They will have $3,660 if they lose and $3,840 if they win.

    It sounded good at first, I thought you had it.
  12. Prospect

    Prospect Member


    Fun puzzle...wish I had more time to play with these and other puzzles.

    Opponent will have 3660 (3750 - 90) if any red, 0 or 00 hits.
    Opponent will have 3840 (3750 + 90) if any black hits.

    Bet 1831 on Red. If it hits, you will have 3662.
    Bet 102 each on 0 and 00. If either hits, you will have 3672.
    Bet 107 each on 15 of the black numbers. If any hits, you will have 3852.
  13. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    no cheating

    You would get a cigar...
    if not that you got cought breaking the rules.;)
    Bets have to be in $5 increments.

    Try again, please.
  14. arlalik

    arlalik Member

    How About...

    How about if we bet $90 on black with him and $100 each on 35 single numbers(and we still have $50 left).
    This gives us over 92% of advancing by being BR2.

  15. johng

    johng New Member

    Don't think so

    Armen, the point is to be BR1, only 1 oppenent in S. Yama's example. In your answer, you will be $10 behind oppenent in 35 out of 38 times and broke or just about broke in other 3 times.

    I am starting to think there is no way to get to 35, however, I am sure S. Yama will still amaze me!

    Opponent will have $3,660 if black doesn't come up, we can cover than with bet of $1,835 on red and $205 split between 0 and 00. We now have spent $2,040 and covered 20 numbers. With $1,600 remaining we can split the following black pairs with $215 on each bet: 8&11, 10&13, 17&20, 26&9, 28&31 for a total of $1,075. We now have $525 remaining and have covered 30 numbers. Black individual numbers have to be covered with at least $106.67 and since we have $5 increments, bet would have to be $110. I am $25 short to be able to cover 5 more numbers for a total of 35 numbers.
  16. arlalik

    arlalik Member

    Better Idea

    How about if we bet $105 each on 15 black numbers and $100 each on every red and green numbers.And we still have $65 unbet.
    If black comes out (from our 15 numbers), then we have
    $105 x 36 + $65 = $3845, Compared to BR1's $3840.
    If any non-black number comes out , then we have
    $100 x 36 + $65 = $3665, Compared to BR1's $3660.
    And we have 35 out of 38 numbers covered.
    Thanks S. Yama for great teaser.

  17. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    We have a winner!

    Yes. Well done, Armen.

    Hold back $65, bet $105 on 15 black numbers, $100 on each zero, and bet $1800 on red (or hold back $65, and bet $105 on 15 black numbers and $100 each -all red numbers and zeros).

    It is much easier to create a teaser than to solve it.

    Good efforts.

    S. Yama
  18. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    I'm missing something?

    Sorry I really didn't get to work on this teaser, but I keep reading about betting all 15 black numbers? Unless I missed something there are 18 black, 18 red, and 2 green.

    I am not correcting anybody, I may have miss read the question.
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  19. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    15 black numbers

    Last time I looked at a roulette table (American) there were: single and double zero, eighteen red numbers and fifteen black numbers.

    Just kidding. Rick, we were saying that in the abover teaser situation there were enough money to make bets on red ($1,800 or 18 times $100 all individual red numbers), both zeros, and enough to cover fifteen (but not all 18) black individual numbers.

    Hope it helps,

    S. Yama

    I will try write how and why come with a bet like this later tomorrow.
  20. gflan

    gflan New Member

    what fun!

    S. Yama while I didn't get to the answer, I was "on the right track" and feel sure I would have gotten there eventually. I had never played roulette in a casino so the "learning curve" took me a little while. (I didn't even know the correct payoffs other than 1:1 and had to print out the table layout). Thanks again for being so willing to share your knowledge. GF

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