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Discussion in 'Roulette Events' started by NomasMiSuerte, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. NomasMiSuerte

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    Hello everyone.I received an offer for a roulette tournament at Harrahs LV.Has anyone played in one of these?The mailer gives no details whatsoever about the structure of this event.Thanks in advance.
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    What do you think? Could be? I just felt compelled to answer this thread because nobody else has. Yes, I'm bored again.


  3. NomasMiSuerte

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    I believe they give everyone a set amount of chips.After a certain amount of spins,the top two or three players with the most chips advance .This continues until it dwindles down to the final winners.
  4. KenSmith

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    Roulette tournaments should be approached with the same money management and bet-sizing skills you would use in any tournament. The big difference is, like craps and baccarat, roulette players are all wagering on the same spin of the wheel.

    The most important effect of that fact is that the leader is guaranteed to stay ahead of an opponent if he merely matches every bet.

    Get a lead in the middle of the round, or you're in trouble.
  5. TXtourplayer

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    I played in this event, I believe

    I assume that this is the same event I played in last month, Harrah's - Las Vegas?

    Mim. $50 bet total, bet $5 to $25 on any straight up bet. $25 had to be bet inside before you could bet outside. Failure to bet the min. $50 total (10 chips) and you were disqualified (this happened twice).

    The first round all players started with $1,000 in "NCV" chip's (If I remember correctly). With 6 players at each table the top three advance to the 2nd round after 30 minutes of play + 6 spins.

    Round 2, was 6 players and 2 advancing, using the same 30 minutes + 6 spins.

    Round 3 (Semi's) was 6 players, but one one advanced from this table, same 30 minutes + 6 spins. The semi's was the only time I was in any trouble, but as Ken pointed out once I took the lead all I had to do was cover the other players.

    Round 4 (finals), two players started off strong, I tried to catch them but one just keep hitting everything. I was lucky enough to have final bet on the last hand so I covered everyone behind me to assure 3rd place and than bet the remaining chips to over take the first two players.

    With an extra $300 in chips (my lead over 4th) still in front of me the dealer called time, leaving only 6 open numbers. With just a little more time I could have covered all of those. Of course number 24 hit (one of the open numbers), leaving me in 3rd place.

    O'well 3rd place ended up making me a winner for my week in Vegas, I'll take that everytime.
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