Russ Hamilton wins Bet21 $200 St Kitts tourney!

Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by Hollywood, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Archie

    Archie New Member

    I can't figure out how it could be possible either. I simply lost focus and hallucinated.
  2. Archie

    Archie New Member

    I'm happy for your side bet win. As for St. Kitts, it's already in the past for me.
  3. Archie

    Archie New Member

    It just proves that Russ is a great player who can make the right plays on his own at the right moment. He is a deserving winner.
  4. elyssez

    elyssez Member

    Wow, Archie. You've been busy this past hour!:)
  5. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Everybody who helped me clear my mind of this major frustration deserves a response and appreciation, Rando included. Actually, I'm working at home today and the message board is just a click away.
  6. London Colin

    London Colin Top Member


    I'm glad things have been sorted out. I echo what others have said about your classyness. :)

    The point I was raising in my previous post is that- to answer a question you rasied earlier - it is not possible to continue playing while disconnected. Or rather, if it were possible it would imply not merely a bug, but a huge security hole that could allow a hacker to peek at the next card before deciding whether or not to hit. :eek:

    I had my own moment of paranoia, wondering if that really could be the case!
  7. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Well, this answers my main point technically speaking : I could still act up and untill the absent message appeared and put the minimum bet on. I am satisfied that I simply let the time elapse.

    But my mind still sees Russ's button flashing as if it was his turn to bet. His that technical or paranoid? My best bet at this point his Ken S. opinion based on his long experience : funny things might happen to the mind in these adrenalin filled situations, and did happen to him also in the past.
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  8. BJFAN4

    BJFAN4 New Member

    Very interesting thread.

    Archie: you certainly give new meaning to the expression "sharing your experience". Thanks a lot. By the way, if it's any help at all to you, I have reread all my comments and observations of the final hands and I stand by them.
    Am I going to see you in Montreal on the 23rd?
  9. gflan

    gflan New Member

    Lesson Learned

    Wow Archie,

    I've been playing ubt online for a while now and still need the sound on in crucial situations. I have been "timed out" on elimination hands a couple of times when if I'd heard the warning bell, I would have placed a better bet (maybe not optimal but more than 500). I now know that I should leave the sound on at all times and I am sorry that you had to learn such an expensive lesson.

    As for the chat feature, don't be offended my fellow BJT'ers if I ask you to chat somewhere else during an important match! It can be very distracting for those of us forced to leave the sound on so we can hear the warning bell. I think that little bubble sound when a chat line is posted is very annoying and could easily be "lost" in the next revision.

    After I posted this, I figured out that you can turn off chat sound....I'm back in business
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  10. noman

    noman Top Member


    If that bothers you, don't try sitting next to Cerritos, in a live action tourney.
  11. tgun

    tgun Member

    Colin, you are probably right about not being able to play when disconnected. What happened to me was I had won my way to the final table in $5 St Kitts tourney, but was never ask to join the final table, screen showed that players where still playing the semi final. I started pulling up the lobby screen to see if the clock was running, it was. After a few more mins, I logged off and then back on and found out that I was too late.

    AceDonovan and others witnessed me not being there for the final table.

  12. London Colin

    London Colin Top Member

    Oh indeed. I'm one of the fortunate ones who have never experienced any problems, but I don't doubt that there are bugs. I've certainly seen my share of absent opponents while playing.
  13. Archie

    Archie New Member

    I would not miss that tournament because I'm trying to accumulate enough points in the series of six Tournaments of the Quebec Masters Series leading to the Grand Finale in March 2007 (a $150,000 affair). I'm seventh right now and if I qualify and do well in the semis I think I would have enough points to win a free entry ($2,000) for the Grand finale.

    To the 23rd then in Montreal. Looking forward to talk to you.
  14. Rando21

    Rando21 New Member have a great attitude and outlook..Im sure it has served you well in life.

    I was happy to read about your history and wins in this fun fun game...


    Not to belabor a point but I was wondering ...what prompted you to contact Joe Pane about an issue with Bet 21??

    I can certainly understand becoming lost in the game after such a long round of staring at a computer screen...they say that in some people prolonged exposure to certain patterns can induce epileptic like episodes ....

    I agree that you should use every available asset to further your success in this game...sounde like you are very wise indeed....

    I play in the Falls tournaments ....Quebec is just too far for you ever travel to the Falls to play....???Its a different Masters series but still a very good game and the people are great...its listed here on the schedule...

    Best wishes for continued good luck ....Im a believer in Karma..and good karma should certainly rain down on you...

  15. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    To Late

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  16. Rando21

    Rando21 New Member

    Did you have set your donut down to say that???:eek:

    You are a good one to talk about spelling.

    I think you went to Archie to keep him quiet...and to make this matter go away...!

    How did he know that there was a good chance that you could help him with CS at Bet 21???

    Maybe you can help with finding out whats going on with the $100,000 free roll promised at Bet 21??? Oh thats right you cant answer those type of questions...we are all still waiting to hear one real answer from you...but all you want to talk about is dresses...

    Im a happily married hetero ....

    Are you telling us all about your secret fantasys??? Its ok ...I have nothing against gay, overweight ex cops...just not my cup of tea thats all...

    Is that you in the crosser dresser vegas fantasy show??? Since you lost your ability to earn money playing BJ in the legit casinos.....ya

    How about keeping what happens in Vegas in Vegas...

    Since you are the big answer man for Bet 21 will they be paying off on the 13th????....Matchsticks????

    Because Joe is in the NOT

    I now understand better how these bugs got past the beta testers of this program...Joe Pane was one of the paid no wonder he is reluctant to admit the problem even though it is as plain as the bulbous red nose on his chubby face...Where was it Joe ...not Portland right????;)

    hey ...Vegas Santa Claus....another job to suplement you 10 dollar skim job at Global each and every day. Its no wonder you started the other thread wondering if these other sites would have a policy change...this is gonna affect your way for you to collect....

    Oh well there is always the cross dresser thing, the Vegas Santa , and I hear Segfried is looking for another lion tamer....sounds right up you alley...ahemmmmm!!!!
  17. Archie

    Archie New Member

    I learned early last Spring that Joe Pane was a close associate of Ken Einiger when I first went searching for information on tournament strategy. So here's how it went.

    Back in April, when I first found Ken Smith's site and bought Ken Einiger's book, I also did a search on the net to see who really was the author of Play to Win and found his own site. I sent a question and immediately got a personal answer by Ken E. on a specific strategy to apply in the qualifications format I was planning to play in, just like Ken S. did earlier (I wanted to compare).

    On both sites, I was agreeably surprised of the personal, welcoming and friendly touch of both administrators. Since then, I came to believe that both sites were pursuing the same objectives (promotion of a great fun and skilled game to higher and better levels), but in different ways. It's seems to me that Ken Einiger was more focused on his shows, seminars, personal lessons, building and promoting of Bet21 and the UBT, and relied a lot on Joe for helping people on his site.

    Actually, I quickly received a personalized e-mail from Joe telling that Ken E. was swamped and if I could put him in c.c. everytime so I could get help faster. He helped me get connected to the radio show in june to tell the story about my win in Montreal.

    So here it his : Bet21, in my mind, being a Ken E.'s baby, I sent a complaint firs to Customer Support and almost immediately mouthed off to Joe Pane by personal e-mail that I knew was closer to Bet21 organization than Ken S.

    Living North, so far away from the action, Russ Hamilton's name and achievements were not immediately familliar to me when I played the game. I just thought he was a pro. Hollywood Dave reminded me politely in a private message of who Russ really was. I'm sure he thought I was a screwball completely out of his mind. Actually Ken S., at first, had about the same reaction.
  18. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member


    Couple of things:

    1. Thank you for setting the record straight in a public forum - most people don't have the guts to publically state when they've made a mistake, however innocent/niave, you have cleared the air/laundry

    2. This is a non-issue at this point. Some people will never be convinced, no matter how much evidence is presented, that THEY are wrong about something - I think they call that pride (it usually goes before a fall I'm told)

    3. You're a class act and your explainations just serve to remind those of us not "in the loop" that story behind the story.

    This should lay to rest all teh conspiracy theories, back door deals once and for all. Lets bury the hatchet on this tread - and not in someone's back ok?

    Or wait - lets have a second "GRUDGE MATCH" - Next Wednesday night 100 table? Any takers? I'll keep two seats reserved for Rando and Joep :laugh:
  19. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    My Way

    Archie we all appreciate your honest and candid reply but you don't need to feel the need to explain your mind set or actions to the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ASS on this board which is Miss Rando .

    I think we all realize now that he cant get a word in edge wise at the house so this is the only place where he can without being told to zip it.

    The ability for anyone in this community to get help from Kenny Smith to Kenny Einiger to Anthony Curtis or myself along with a few others is there for the asking.All of us have made a commitment to be as good of ambassadors of this game as we can.

    Between the 3 sites there is more information available than any book out there . Its just unfortunate that between the 3 sites there is always 1 or 2 posters per site who try to point out every thing thats wrong and leave all the good stuff behind.

    Of the 4 people mention I have always taken the position to not let these individuals run over the boards with mis information and other unpleasant stuff. I guess one a cop always a cop

    The other 3 usually have a lot more restraint than I do.

    Until the other day when Kenny Smith just said enough already ;) take a HIKE !!!!

    But this is how I have always handled things so why change now.

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  20. Joep

    Joep Active Member


    Im a happily married hetero ....

    I'm sure your wife has something different to say about that :laugh:


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