Russ Hamilton wins Bet21 $200 St Kitts tourney!

Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by Hollywood, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Rando do your wife a favor

    I've been watching this thread.....and have never posted before and just had to make this my your wife a favor....and I mean a big favor.....send your wife to Vegas for a week so she can experience a REAL MAN! ( JOEP)
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    Wow, what a first post! :eek:

    Unfortunately I've elected myself part of the morality committee here and I can not condone adultery speech on this forum. Therefore I'm cutting off your funding to the internet company and any ISP that takes your $ is guilty of a 10th degree felony! (Hey if Frist and company can do it why can't I?)

    Joep is Cherrysoup ANOTHER one of your alias's? :laugh:
  3. Rando21

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    You still havent answered one question Pane....its just wah, wah, wah with you....

    Ok I guess the final word is that Archie played a great game and completely blew it on hand by me.

    I noticed he has quit trying to win this game as the big event was canceled last night do to lack of interest.

    I tried to play the satts too but they were canceled too due to lack of interest...OH let me guess ..the whole gambling world was busy listening to your am RADIO SHOW???

    Pane....with a spoksperson like you its no wonder the game is dying so quickly...

    BTW one elected you as a cop of elected yourself and at every decent casino in Vegas they threw you out because of even lost your chat priveleges at Bet21 that is really FUNNY!!!! And ohhhso true.....why do you think they did that?????

    You must be completely retarted....

    BTW...I have a dont....but you still have a closet full of dresses....hummmmmmmmm

    Ok...I promise this site I will not tease the monkeys anymore.....

    He cant be taunted, or even embarassed into giving an honest answer...sad for an ex-cop....lets see if after today he becomes a law breaker...or if he quits online gambling like his President orders him to do...

    Honest cop or crook???? Which one is he???:confused:
  4. Rando21

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    Since Joe got himself kicked out of every decent casino in Vegas for bothering the paying customers..he now must resort to a lounge act where his stage name is Cherry Soup....:laugh:

    Its quite good actually ....try to imagine Reachys current avatar only fatter and uglier and in a pink you have Cherry Soup...aka Joe Pane....former head of advertizing at Bet 21....

    Its his new gig....shows at 2,3,and 4 AM out back of Circus Circus....25 cents a ????....opps I mean a show...:eek:

  5. fgk42

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    Nothing against U personally but where were U just now? The 5:30 EST satellite had over 39 people and YOU weren't there! There was definately interest but you were attacking Joep!

    Joep was there, among others from this site - YOU however were conspicously absent! Hmmmmmmmm you talk the talk but do you walk the walk?

    There's another chance in 30 minutes be there or......
  6. pokernut

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    It has been against Nevada state law to gamble on the internet for sometime now yet he still gambles online, guess he drives across the state line so he won't not break state law.
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  7. Joep

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    I will even buy her the ticket

    Cherry Soup as me thats real funny

    DoucheKitty was Hollywood or Me

    Stubbs was Hollywood or me

    Is this another Oliver Stone conspiracy theory

    If its pro Joep or Pro Hollywood, Pro UBT or Pro Bet21 its a fake .........get a Frigging life Miss Rando

    Now as far as the wife goes............Hey send her out............................she will have a good time .Trust me on that

    A better time than watching you chase me around Bet 21 from one table to another table
    and then when I'm done there, you spend the rest of your time talking about me here.You are one of my most loyal fans.

    I will send you a free copy of my book when it comes out.You can use all the help you can get.If the timing is right i will send it back with the wife.

    Yea she is really getting the attention she needs at home. It wont take much to make her head turn ;)

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  8. happybunnytrix

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    No, No, No

    I'm afraid I'll have to object to your suggestion!

    Rando should take his "wife" into his arms,and NEVER let her go! Because if she leaves him......she'll realize what jerk he is! Then she'll never go back, and he'll become our problem 24/7!
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  9. Archie

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    Over and out for me guys.

    This last week, my first time gaming online, I got the practice I wanted for elimination BJ, had a lot of fun and was involved in a phenomenal match against great players, last Monday, where I came in second to Russ Hamilton.

    In total, I played around 25 games, won three or four small events and SnG's, made 2d or third a few times and enjoyed it all immensely. I clicked wrongly three or four times (It helped me once) and hallucinated big time once. I contested two results to Customer Support and got each time a hand history or an explanation that satisfied me.

    With Bush signing the Bill, it seems that the fun, for now, is over. I tried in vain to transfer money from Neteller late last night.
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  10. BJFAN4

    BJFAN4 New Member

    Works fine, Archie.

    I just deposited from Neteller to Works fine. You must have pressed the wrong button.:confused: :confused: :confused:
  11. Archie

    Archie New Member

    I opened the account last Friday from Bet21. I guess it will take a while because they were swamped with people concerned about the bill. I want to transfer funds first in their account, then to Bet21. I'll go back again on their site this morning. I kniow that they are asking further validation or certification of new accounts. We'll see. Thank you for the info.
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  12. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Just got the word from Neteller. It's a new account and they need two business days to validate it. Does Bush bill apply to Canadians?
  13. sabrejack

    sabrejack New Member

    Fortunately, the USA has not yet taken over Canada, so no it will not apply to Canadians living in Canada (or anywhere else except the USA for that matter).
  14. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Thanks, but a followup question also : Do you think Canadian financial institutions will be able to transfer money successfully to Bet 21 or UBT gaming sites? Or Neteller for that matter?
  15. BJFAN4

    BJFAN4 New Member

    Please dont kid around

    As far as I know,Neteller will be doing business with non-US countries which include Cnada.
  16. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    And, for now, it appears Neteller is still serving the US as well. If you have had a Neteller transaction blocked in the US, please tell us which state you are in.
  17. BJFAN4

    BJFAN4 New Member

    Good news.

    I don't know but it might just be a good idea to indicate our appreciation to Neteller via an e-mail to customer support. I am pretty sure they would appreciate some positive comments right about now.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  18. UNOME

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    Russ Hamilton Appears to be Tied to UB Super User Scandal
    By Dan

    About 10 days ago, UltimateBet released a statement updating its users and the online poker world about the latest news in its investigation into the cheating scandal that rocked the poker room during the early part of 2008. It issued a list of several new user names traced to the disturbance: Crackcorn55, WhakMe, GrabBag123, gravitation, Bgroup, H_Curtis, Twenty 1, WacoManiac, Broke_In_L_A, ShaqTack, BlueBerry101, HolyMucker, 55WasHere, Xnomas, dannyboy55, Indy05, and SlimPikins2. These were in addition to the original slate of names, which included the well-known account NioNio plus Sleepless, NoPaddles, and nvtease. In a thread on PocketFives, it has been alleged that the latter three names can be traced to former UB owner Russ Hamilton.

    In the same statement, UB conceded that the cheating had been taking place long before the online poker room initially thought: January, 2005 to be exact. The cheaters exploited an auditing tool that, when utilized, allowed a person to see the hole cards of every single person seated at a table. In essence, therefore, a “super account” wasn’t used. Rather, a piece of software was run when the users were logged into any account. As such, there are a bevy of screen names associated with the scandal.

    It has recently been revealed, in a post by PocketFiver Nat N 82 50 24 Arem that three accounts - Sleepless, NoPaddles, and nvtease – have an address that matches the home owned by Russ Hamilton, one of the former owners of UB. After the site was sold in 2006, Hamilton and several other accomplices are alleged to have exploited the hole in UB’s security system in order to attain an unfair advantage during play.

    The address given on the three aforementioned accounts is 1725 Glenview Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89134. Since most property ownership information is in the public domain, visiting the Clark County, Nevada Assessor’s website can allow you to search for the name matched to that property’s address. Sure enough, the ownership of 1725 Glenview Dr. belongs to none other than Hamilton. Here’s the information taken directly from the Assessor’s website:

    Current Parcel Number: 138-19-810-002
    Recorded Document Number: *20060523:03704
    Recorded Date: 05/23/2006
    Vesting: JOINT TENANCY
    Tax District: 200
    Estimated Size: SUBDIVIDED LOT

    Arem was given the address by a whistleblower at UltimateBet. That person also gave Arem the following information linked to the accounts:

    Name: Lauren B Makar
    Address 1: 1725 Glenview Dr.
    City: Las Vegas
    State: NEVADA
    Postal Code: 89134
    Customer Phone: 702326xxxx
    Customer Birthdate: 1967-xx-xx
    Email Information: Address:

    So who is Russ Hamilton?
    First of all, he’s a World Series of Poker bracelet winner. He took down the 1994 Main Event for $1 million. His most recent cash was $145,875, which he pocketed for finishing 55th in the 2005 Main Event. He has a pair of World Poker Tour cashes as well. The latest came in the Season IV PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, where Hamilton finished 41st and took home $13,500. The UB press release distributed at the end of May states that the perpetrators (who allegedly included Hamilton) targeted “the highest limit games on the site.” The Assessor’s office notes that the property changed hands on May 23, 2006 officially to Hamilton. It was formerly owned by Makar Travis.

    Hamilton’s career hasn’t been confined to poker. He is the founder of Elimination Blackjack, which was played on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. The Tour was endorsed by a host of well-known poker pros, including Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth Jr., Robert Williamson III, Johnny Chan, Freddy Deeb, Monica Reeves, and Layne Flack. “Hollywood” Dave Stann and gambling guru Anthony Curtis also participated. It aired on CBS in 2006.

    UltimateBet is owned today by Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG, who purchased the online poker room in 2006. Its public faces include Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke. Also on its roster are Star Players Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy and James “P0KERPR033” Campbell.
  19. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    or cheating
  20. Archie

    Archie New Member

    New perspective on old controversy

    The whole thread about the Bet21 St. Kitt's online satellite controversy of two years ago is resurfacing (without my censured first post) on p. 58-59 of the twoplustwo poker forum (the Russ Hamilton and UltimateBet scandal).

    This is the only reason for the following post.

    Was I hallucinating about the last hand of that game two years ago? One thing for sure I was looking at my screen and could not act properly when, to my dismay, I was timed out.

    Hallucination :rolleyes: was the thing I came up with to end the controversy, not being able to prove what really happened on my screen and being totally inexperienced in computer technology and online gaming.

    Today, looking back, I believe I was on the wrong side of a glitch affecting the relatively new Bet21 software. The same glitch happened to me two or three more times before somebody (Colin or Rando, I think) suggested that I remove the full animation option. I did and the problem was solved.

    That glitch (well described by Rando) made me believe (Russ spot was flashing) that I was the last to bet. I was also under the impression that I still had my secret bet while Russ had used his. Later, when the last two hand histories were sent to me, they showed otherwise. I then accepted the fact that I was wrong, recognized it and apoligized to the BJ community on the basis of the hand histories. The chat reinforces my opinion that I was the victim of a glitch.

    Did anybody put pressure on me in any way, shape or form? :rolleyes:


    I don't mind losing because of a glitch as long as it's legitimate. It still makes me mad when it happens, but almost everybody gaming online had to face a glitch or disconnect at some time or another. Unfair, maybe, but not dishonest and not intentional. I can live with that.

    But …

    The ability to see my hole card and dealer's hole card is a different story and that specific possibility did not come to my mind at the time. I only had a knee jerked newbie reaction of the whole thing being “fixed” . My first post, that I can't quite recollect, was quickly removed for it's language and totally unwarranted emotional content.

    The scandal now puts the whole incident in a different light. If Russ had the ability to see my hole card and dealer's hole card, his decision to stand on his stiff 14, dealer showing a 10, and me leading and showing a hard 18 or 19 ,would have been made much easier. Actually, it would have been a no brainer because dealer did in fact have a low card in the hole. With that knowledge, his only logical play was to stand and let the dealer bust…

    which he did.

    Without seeing the hole card, both plays (hitting and standing) would be legitimate.


    In that specific EBJ game, did Russ Hamilton had the ability to see the hole cards. I really don’t know and there’s no proof either way.

    So be it.

    I finished second, I’ve accepted it and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s now past history. :p
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