Sail to the Riches 50K 3 card poker tour

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    The Beau is having a 50K 3 card poker tournament 5/20-5/22. Registration is 5/20 5-8PM. They will have a registration on 5/21 unsure of cutoff time. Tournament is 5/21-5/22. Entry fee $50 and rebuy $50.

    Payout is in one time only promo chips, except for first (half cash 12.5K and 12.5K promo).

    1st 25K, 2nd 15K, 3rd 5K, 4th 2.5K, 5th 1.5K and 6th 1K.

    Five people who register Sunday night between 5-8PM, have a chance in a drawing for 500 in promo chips.

    Normally, in their 50K tournaments the people in the semi-finals who do not make the finals get a 100 promo chips. Usually the semi-finals would consist of 5 tables of 4 with the winner going to the finals. The 6th person for the finals is a drawing from all the participants who did not make the final table.
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    For future reference the breakdown of their promo chips in the 50K tournaments:

    1st 12500 - 7500 in $500 chips and 5000 in $100 chips
    2nd 15000 - 7500 in $500 chips and 7500 in $100 chips
    3rd 5000 - 2500 in $500 chips and 2500 in $100 chips
    4th 2500 - 1500 in $500 chips and 1000 in $100 chips
    5th 1500 - all in $100 chips
    6th 1000 - all in $100 chips

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