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Discussion in 'Sidewalk Cafe' started by Giamilton, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Giamilton

    Giamilton New Member

    I am looking for an old friend from Texas. His name is Sam or Sammy Vaughn he is a musician and ex-actor, who used to live in Fort Worth. Does anyone know if this fits the gentleman who plays blackjack with the same name?
    It's been almost 14 years since I've spoken to Sam and I'm using google to try and find him, if he's under 50 it's not the same guy either.
  2. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think our Sam Vaughn is a lifelong resident of Nevada. Anyone know for sure? Sammy, you listening?
  3. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Arizona I Believe

    Sammy moved to Las Vegas.He is not a life long Vegas resident.I believe he came from Arizona
  4. Jackaroo

    Jackaroo New Member

    Sam is from Phoenix

    According to Henry T's article in the August Casino Player Sam retired in 1992 after a 25 year career in the Post Office and moved from Phoenix, AZ to Nevada in 1995.

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  5. Opus21

    Opus21 New Member

    Sammy Doesn't live in Las Vegas

    The information is mostly correct. Sammy moved from Phoenix AZ
    to Nevada. He doesn't live in Las Vegas but rather one of the surrounding
    areas. Out of respect for his privacy, I wont name the town.

    I don't think that this is the Sam Vaughn you're seeking. The Sam Vaughn
    we're referring to is a true Champion and a gem of an individual.
  6. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Is there a clue that I missed

    Why can't it be the same individual ?.Now you have me curious, or is it that all ex actors and musicians are not gems nor champions . Hollywood Dave you need to step up to the plate here......
  7. mikey754

    mikey754 New Member

    Sammy Vaughn

    He is alive and well...He won the $1,000,000 Hilton..and plays in the local tournaments.
  8. Giamilton

    Giamilton New Member

    It must not be, they both sound like stand up guys, the Sam I'm looking for is a Texan and Californian and was not a postal employee. He was in a couple of movies in the 60's and even a guest appearence on Adam 12 , he was the guy that got drunk and stole a plane lol, Then he was a musician playing with Willie and other groups before forming Sammy vaughn and The Cowtown Strings in Ft Worth. There was a chance I suppose.
    Thanks anyways guys, good luck playing!
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  9. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Our Sam says he's not the musical Sammy, since he says "I can hardly play the Philco, or 78RPM Victrola."
  10. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    if you belived him

    if he really convinced you then it is him.
    Wasn't he supposedly be a truly fine actor?
  11. Berly

    Berly Member

    Hey, there Sammy is well. He is a great friend of mine. I will be seeing him in a couple weeks.

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