Second Chance VS. Re-buys

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  1. TXtourplayer

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    I always enjoyed going to a tournament knowing that if I didn't advance from my first session of Round I, that I always had the re-buys to fall back on.
    Now days I've been hearing war stories about events that don't offer re-buys or only limited (first come, first serve) or worst (their VIP's getting first chance at the re-buys).
    I've also been hearing about several second chance/re-buys where if you don't advance from round I you simply pay an additional entry an you automaticly advance.
    I never was that crazy about the second chance option, after thinking more about it I think it is the way to go, with once exception.
    Instead of charging and addtional entry why not charge a fee inbetween the entry and rebuy so it would be more affordable and inviting for all the players to take advantage of?
    The down side would be adding an additional round. The up side is more prize money, elimanate the re-buy rounds (save atleast 2-3 hours), every player would know before hand they would get to play in mimimum of two round (as long as they were willing to pay the second chance fee).
    I think with an entry fee of $250 the normal re-buy would be $125 and the normal second chance fee would be $250 (same as the entry). Why not compromize and make the second chance $175?
    This works in so many ways for both the casinos amd players.
    So what's you take on this concept? Would you rather pay and play at $125 for the chance to advance or simply pay an addtional $50 ($175) for the second chance and be assurd of advancing to round II?
  2. BlueLight

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    $175 to advance automatically to the 2nd round seems way to low a price to pay. If a rebuy costs $125 for say a 1 in 3 chance to advance when $175 gets you there automatically.

  3. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Does sound low, but...

    Bluelight I agree that the $175 sounds low to the normal tournament players, but the idea here is to entice the majority if not all the orginal entries back in to help build the prize pool.

    What I am trying to do here is elimate an extra reentry! If the orginal entry is $250 and rebuy would be $125 I wanted a fee that would be inviting to ALL the players to simply pay to advance and avoid any re-buys. This idea is to try and get all the orginal entries back in to round II while building the prize pool.

    A few of the Oklahoma casinos (where I am pitching the idea) is to allow players SOME type of second chance other then getting drawn in by wild card to the second round.

    As stupid as it sounds, I've even offered a $125 re-buy as well as a second chance direct to second round for the $175 and the casinos and locals like that option to try and save $50.

    What I like about the second chance option is:
    1. It will give every player traveling to the event a minimum of two chances.
    2. Eliminate costly multiple re-buys (like in Tunica, Sam's and Fitz). I would think the casinos would rather have the players spend less in the tournaments and more on regular play.
    3. As a TD I like saving the time (normally hours) of running several sessions to offer all the re-buys.
    This again is a plus for the casinos by cutting overhead and allowing the players more time to give side action.
    4. Elimnates the hassles of not having enough re-buy seats for everyone.

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