Shufflemaster $1 Million 3CP Tournament

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    Immediately following the LVH $100K 3CP touanment in Aug 06, will be one of the Shufflemaster $ million qualifiers. there The finals for SM will be held end of NOV at Caesars in LAS.
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    3CP qualifier

    Up here in Hinckley, MN we are having a qualifier at no cost to the player. You need to qualify for a drawing to be in our 3CP tournament, and to do that you play 3CP and get a straight or higher. The top six finishers and one wildcard will win spots in the million dollar tournamnet. We will have it June 11, 12, & 13.

    We can do the no cost because we must run our 3CP table as a player pool and the house can not count any of the money the game wins as profit. The money that the table wins must be given back to the players through bonus and promotions. This is where we were able to do this at no extra cost to the player other than just playing 3CP.

    We just got it all approved and have began to hand out tickets for the qualifing hands so we will see how it all goes. There is more than $230,000 in cash and prizes that will be given away during the tournament. Should be interesting. Just thought I'd drop a little info incase anyone is interested.
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    clear things up a little

    In Hinckley we are having a 3CP tournament with more than $230,000 in cash and prizes. The top six winners and one wild card win a spot into the million dollar SM tournament. Just thought I'd try and clear that up.
  4. deadline

    Thank you for the information Sir. Until what date and time does a player have to qualify (i.e. get the straight or higher) for the tournament?
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    dates to qualify

    You can currently earn the tickets for the drawing to get into Hinckley's 3CP tournament now through June 11. There will be space for 392 players in the Hinckley tournament. The Hinckley tournamnet is titles "Straight to Riches". Forgot that, sorry.
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