St Maarten Open

Discussion in 'Other Games Events' started by sunshine, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. sunshine

    sunshine New Member

    Hi Guys,
    long time ago your heard something about me.
    Less Blackjack - a lot of Poker
    Now I´m qualified for St Maarten Open Main Event :D
    Will I see somebody of you there?
    If yes that will be great. Selecti will attend me.

    I´m looking forward to lovely day´s in St Maarten
  2. sirklas

    sirklas Member


    Congratulations, Sunshine! Awesome! Make it to the final table. Where did you qualify on which online poker site?

    CU in Linz, Sirklas
  3. sunshine

    sunshine New Member

    Hi Sirklass,

    I qualified in a Live-Tournament in Petrovice.
    I won the buy-in (120€) for this tournament in Regensburg.
    So I only payed 15€ buy-in in Rgensburg and 50€ add-on in Petrovice for this Price... :)
    8000$ St Maarten Package... 2 weeks for 2 person and the buy-in for the main-event :)
    Finale Table this would be nice... cu tomorrow in Linz

  4. ANDY 956

    ANDY 956 Member

    Is that Sunshine?

    Nice to see that you look in on the site every now and then.

    Good luck in Linz.

    Andy ;)
  5. tgun

    tgun Member

    wtg Sunshine

    Congrats on your victory! Hope your success continues. Miss seeing you on line. Say hi to Chris.


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