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Discussion in 'Sidewalk Cafe' started by johnr, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. johnr

    johnr Top Member

    Seems like we are getting tournaments again in Las Vegas with Golden Nugget. Paris and Venitian. But only GN buy in.
    Paris and Venitian invite only.
    I am looking for them to start back up at Biloxi, my favorite place since I like to fish also.
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  2. Ewok

    Ewok Member

    is the GN having big tournaments or just regular small? Like everyone else i am looking for a tournament to travel to from mn.
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  3. johnr

    johnr Top Member

    This only $50,000, with a $300 entry and rebuys. Sort of high cost. The Air is low here, I can get a RT on allegiant for Less than $100. And have booked comp room at Harrahs.
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  4. BughouseMaster

    BughouseMaster Active Member

    WOW! That proves the very reason why I quit giving GN my action at any location! Used to give Lake Charles so much action when they first opened up... even played for nearly 12 hours straight with the wife averaging $150/hand only to FINALLY get such weak freeplay coupons of $50 when every other place I've ever played, namely L'auberge next door giving me at least $150 in freeplay which makes more sense as that was my average! Golden Nugget may be more excuisite than L'auberge with all the restaurants and high-end shops and mimicking Vegas casinos/Caesars forum shops but are tighter than a doorknob as far as COMPS so my business goes to L'auberge all day! Beau Rivage is also tight too which is why I also quit giving them play too (they REDUCED my hotel/freeplay chip offers after a large loss that me and my wife had!)! But seriously though... $300 entry for virtually the same payout as Hard Rock's monthly ones and they charge only $100-150 is incomparable. That's a never from me!
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  5. Dakota

    Dakota Top Member

    Here we go again. I've added 2 more Venetian/Palazzo Blackjack tournaments... 125k and 150k. All V/P tournaments are invitational and these 2 have $300 and $500 re-buys. I have made several final tables here over the years, but if I didn't advance by winning rounds, or wild card drawings, I would simply leave. There are many players who pay these re-buy amounts without a second thought but I'm not one of them.

    So now what we have in Las Vegas are several blackjack, baccarat and craps tournaments. Unfortunately, they are all invitational and are at CET locations or V/P. I agree that the sooner we again have reasonable buy-in tournaments around the country the better.
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  6. BughouseMaster

    BughouseMaster Active Member

    So you only rebuy if it's max of $100 or what? I think in my short of history of BJ tourneys the only time I've paid any entry (rebuy or not) or $500 was @ 1 ofBeau Rivage's $150k Jack Daniel tourneys and the only reason why I even did was bec I was up roughly $2500 already in real BJ at the casino!
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  7. BughouseMaster

    BughouseMaster Active Member

    UPDATE for Biloxi, MS for Hard Rock is that they won't have tourneys for the end of the year.
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  8. johnr

    johnr Top Member

    Played the Venitian $50000 tournament. It was an invitational or buy in event. My friend bought in. We both got some of the one time use chips.
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  9. george

    george Top Member

    good deal on the chips know you like to win
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