sunset station 1-1-09

Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by sos41, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. sos41

    sos41 New Member

    Would someone check to see if they will have the scheduled tourney on New Years day/
  2. BABJ

    BABJ Member

    Maybe you could check...and post back with your findings.
  3. askdick

    askdick Member


    i heard december is the last event.

    maybe just a rumor but it came from a good souce. seems sunset is not making any bucks on the turn out.
  4. Lil Sissy

    Lil Sissy Banned User

    2 Different Tournaments


    The tournament that (sos) is asking about is a scheduled Jan 1 tournament at Sunset Station.

    The scheduled UBT Tournament is and always has been scheduled for Dec 5-6 2008. Not sure why you believe that they are the same tournament.
  5. askdick

    askdick Member

    ubt @ sunset

    sorry, i was referring to the weekly on thursdays. i believe they are history at the end of the year. no turnout...

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