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Discussion in 'Tournament Blackjack Players Association' started by KenSmith, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. sweet william

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    hey tx, looks like you got lots of suggestions (some very good) so i won't put my 2 cents in. i know sometimes the view is different from the drivers seat,
    but on a positive note look at all the responce,there is a lot of interest in tbjpa,i wish u well if i can help let me know.
  2. TXtourplayer

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    Current TBJPA prize payouts

    1st = 35%
    2nd = 20%
    3rd = 15%
    4th = 10%
    5th = 5%
    6th = 3%

    7th - 18th = 1% each
  3. RKuczek

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    no no no

    guys - I don't think you got the idea - it's not 'run minis' - its offer a broader range of events - from say $25/$50 to the $300 - so that you can bring in and work up the smaller players to the bigger tourneys - and offer tourneys over more days -

    as for weeklies - its not - 'Rick has to be there"' - it's 'train the staff to run TBJPA type tourneys on a regular basis' - then the locals are primed for the 'big events' tour tourneys -

    it is very much like the regular bowling leagues set up the local players and make them want to participate in the larger occassional touring events -

    and the touring events need to offer many opportunities for all levels of players - - culminating in a 'big time pro event' - maybe higher than the $300 buyin -

    the thing is poker, bowling, etc - already have large player pools of regular participants to draw on - so a small percentage willing to buy into a major tourney - fairly easy to get a decent crowd - with tbj - that player pool is not there - so a small percentage of a small pool - is you and me - maybe - - we need to build the player pool - that is what will make a tbj tour work - in the long run
  4. TXtourplayer

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    I understand, but

    It is finding a willing location and one that also has the staff to do so. Problem with most mini tournaments are that the players that go to them do not give the casinos the extra side actions needed to keep them going.

    If I could find willing casinos to host these weekly events I would insist that they take a $10 per table commission to cover their cost, (this is why the Tuscany tournaments failed). And lets not forget a $2 donation for dealers tips per player as well. Without happy dealers the tournaments die out also.

    Bottomline is the players are going to have to start playing or paying some type of commission or all the tournaments are goping to die out. The casinos are a business and they can't just keep losing money on this weekly tournaments.

    Actually trying to get casinos to host smaller events on a weekly basis is what I always wanted, but as I mentioned in earlier posts, that is to award Tournament Bucks or build up comp dollars for quarterly TBJPA events for the locals.

    It isn't just the locals or out of town players it is all the players together that help build up a successful tournament and lets not forget the casinos comp players as well.

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