The movie Runner Runner

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Online Casinos)' started by KenSmith, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    I went to see the movie "Runner Runner" tonight.

    It may be interesting to some of you who have followed the scandals in the online poker world. The story is a mixed up jumble of parts of each of the major scandals, with a barely plausible story line to tie it all together. I'd rate it a 5 on a scale of 10.
  2. PitchMan

    PitchMan Top Member

    Thanks for this heads up post, Ken. My wife, one of our daughters and I are all interested in movies in general and although I play it just for fun only occasionally, I'm particularly interested in the online poker scandal subject. It's kinda like watching politicians rigging the game for us all. :) I'll sure look at it. By the way, I'm really enjoying the new site. Thanks for it!

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