The sky is falling

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    Well said,Rando.
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    Yeah Ultimate Bet - business as usual. Screw the politicans :p

    Just so you don't think I made this up:
  3. fgk42

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    Another story here.
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    Tuesday, October 03, 2006 12:48 PM

    IMPORTANT: Your account


    I'm not sure if you're aware of the recent developments in US online
    gaming industry. In short, the US government has passed a law
    that would prohibit banks, credit card companies, and other
    financial institutions from processing gambling funds. This
    controversial act was attached to a popular and completely
    unrelated bill regarding Port Security (HR4954) early Saturday morning.
    In this way, the act was passed because representatives were more
    concerned with the major bill being made law and knew only in the
    final minutes of the attachment.

    It does NOT make it illegal for US citizens to play online, however
    drastically affects your ability to enjoy your favorite poker and
    casino games by making it difficult to send and receive your
    deposits and winnings.

    In light of these events, our software and ECash provider for, CryptoLogic and ECashDirect, have made the
    decision to no longer service US registered accounts.

    Consequently, all accounts with US based addresses will no longer
    be able to play in the casino or poker room as of 12PM EST today
    October 3rd.

    Your account will however be available for you to log into and
    request a withdrawal of your available balance.

    All other accounts with non US based addresses will remain

    Currently it is unclear as to the longer term ramifications of
    these events at CryptoLogic and should the position change, we
    will notify you.

    In the meantime, we are hoping to make provisions so that you
    are able to continue to enjoy playing and enjoy the same levels
    of service and bonuses you've come to expect from us. We will
    keep you updated.

    Thanks for your time, and we do sincerely apologize for any
    inconvenience this may cause you.


    Poker Room Manager
    Tried logging in but it says my account has been suspended. please contact support
    Just contacted Support. They stated that ECashDirect is in the process of sending every US account that has money in thier account a check for the funds that are on the site. Checks should arrive in 10 - 14 days.

    This really sucks!!!!
  5. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    What are you so concerned about? You've got a slew of casinos nearby. What about us poor little blackjack orphans - thrown into the streets and ghettos without an Ace or face card to get us by.

    What will we do???:confused:

    Where will we go????:confused:

    It's times like these that Mighty Mouse would fly in to save the day.
  6. kirbyk

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    Well, since we have 270 days or so until the enforcement begins, maybe we should begin plan for a wing-ding of a farewell online party/tournament. Maybe Global Player and Neteller would sponsor it.

    Actually, I was thinking we should book rooms at several hotels/motels around the county that offer free wireless internet and then we can have a "virtual" tournament. Bring your webcams!

    In the meantime, I'll write to my represntatives, but keep in mind that I live in Virginia, home to Bob Godalette, Frank Wolf, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reid and Jerry Falwell so odds of a response, let alone a positive one are about as unlikely has a successful double-down on K-K. :sad:
  7. noman

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    This is a job for Superman. No stinkin little rodents need apply.

    Do you have a blue jump suit with a red S?
  8. pokernut

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    It means I have to get dressed and drive 20 minutes, decide which one of the casinos I want to play in, and then park. Too much work.
  9. Walt

    Walt New Member

    Problem gambling and the internet

    Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, said his organization had neither supported nor opposed the bill but pointed out that he did not believe it significantly addressed problem gambling. Proponents of the bill contended that online gambling encouraged addiction because it was so accessible and that it attracted underage participants.

    "Addiction is not about convenience; it's about addiction. ... I've never had a problem gambler tell me that it was too hard to lose all their money," Whyte said.

    As far as youthful gamblers are concerned, Whyte said that government efforts would be better spent on prevention programs than enforcement.

    "Kids don't seem to have a problem getting their hands on cigarettes and booze," he said.

    "That [the bill] makes it harder is not entirely a bad thing," Whyte added, "but I don't see how it prevents problem gambling."

    Just some comments I thought were of interest from the Huntington Post.
  10. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Another bites the dust:
    Due to the imminent passing of the Federal Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act on September 30 th 2006, we are no longer accepting wagers from residents in the United States. We regret to inform you that from 11am EST on 3rd October, 2006, we will be closing all your gaming accounts.

    Your balance, minus any uncleared bonuses, will be refunded to you by check within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

    As the world’s oldest and most respected online casino we very much hope in the months to come that the USA will see fit to license and regulate online gaming so that we can once again offer our services to you.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and express our sincere thanks for your patronage.

    Yours truly,

    Ryan Hartley
    Manager - InterCasino
  11. Phil Dunaway

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    It's very sad

    Well folks,It has come & this is just the beginning.I live in Indiana & the attorney general of our state wants to check the computers in our homes for gambling software.Now of course that's impossible,however,I wouldn't be surprised if they try to make examples of some individuals.Be careful out there,it's better to go to the brick & mortar casinos than to prison.As for me,all casino sites have been deleted from my computer.Do you folks remeber the book 1984? Hmmmm
  12. TXtourplayer

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    What if they pass a law that computor repair shops had to inform the law if gaming sites were on your system?

    That is one way they could police your system, just a thought.
  13. AZdrew

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    I'll tell Dubya when I see him tomorrow

    I flip on the 10pm local news...and the top story in the valley of the sun tonight-President Bush in town to sign immigration bill. Strangely,it was not called by name,just an 'immigration bill'. No port security or internet gaming references whatsoever.
    I have never been an 'activist',so to speak,but right now,I cant help but admit that I am pissed off,and plan to do something about it. Being one of the five or six liberals in this 'red' state,I should stick out like a sore thumb. Tonight,I will make my protest sign..."Gambling is not a crime". I was thinking of adding...and while you're at it,just resign"...but the sign isnt big enough.
    Anyone on this board who lives in Arizona and sees this message tonight,and can spare the time,get over to the Camelback Inn out in Paradise Valley tomorrow morning and let your voice be heard.
  14. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    CNN just announced the Bill was just signed by "dubya" no mention of a line item veto.

    Nothing showing up on the AP wire yet.
  15. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Yep, it's now the law of the land.

    UPDATE: Maybe not. I'm now hearing that the bill signed this afternoon in Arizona is NOT the Safe Port Act with included Internet Gambling provisions.
    I'm sure that will be coming soon though.
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  16. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    FWIW, the line item veto doesn't exist. Read about it here:
  17. PhillyPhlash

    PhillyPhlash New Member

    Actually sports betting is not legal in Atlantic City.

    The citizens and legislators had an opportunity to become the second State to permit sports betting, but they failed to act before a federally-imposed deadline; so Nevada is the only State in which sports bookmaking is legal.
  18. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Bill Frist (r-tn)

    Top Contributors
    1 FedEx Corp $38,225
    2 Vanderbilt University $29,700
    3 First Tennessee National Corp $28,100
    4 AT&T $27,000
    5 HCA Healthcare $24,800
    6 Eastman Chemical $23,250
    7 Powell Construction $23,000
    8 Lockheed Martin $22,000
    8 PaineWebber $22,000
    10 BellSouth Corp $21,500
    10 National HealthCare Corp $21,500
    12 First American Corp $21,250
    13 Harrah's Entertainment $19,250
    14 American Hospital Assn $19,000
    14 National Auto Dealers Assn $19,000
    16 SunTrust Banks $18,750
    17 American Institute of CPA's $17,500
    17 Ernst & Young $17,500
    17 National Republican Senatorial Cmte $17,500
    20 Schering-Plough Corp $17,016
  19. Monkeysystem

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    Good job Pokernut. As we see, this is business a usual in Washington. Quid pro quo. If you want an explanation for bad or weird behavior, follow the money. In this case, wipe out the foreign competition for a price.

    What was your source for this information? I'd like to see how many other politicians Harrah's, et. al. have in their pockets, and compare this list to cosponsors of the Internet gambling legislation.
  20. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Top Contributors
    1 MGM Mirage $159,050
    2 Harrah's Entertainment $93,065
    3 Simmons Cooper LLC $73,400
    4 Station Casinos $38,000
    5 Baron & Budd $37,000
    6 Sierra Nevada Corp $34,300
    7 Citigroup Inc $33,250
    8 Park Place Entertainment $31,850
    9 Newmont Mining $31,799
    10 Waters & Kraus $31,650
    11 Lionel, Sawyer & Collins $31,000
    12 Weitz & Luxenberg $25,000
    13 AT&T Inc $24,300
    14 Microsoft Corp $24,000
    15 Cassidy & Assoc/Interpublic Group $23,662
    16 American Media Inc $22,000
    17 Thornton, Early & Naumes $21,000
    18 Greenberg Traurig LLP $20,191
    19 Petroleum Marketers Assn $20,000
    20 Akin, Gump et al $19,500

    This info comes from:

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