The sky is falling

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    Pieces of the Puzzle

    That would explain why Harry Reid considered opposing the inclusion of the gambling bill in the port security bill, then abruptly changed his mind and dropped it. He must've called his contributers.
  2. pokernut

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    Reid could have stopped the inclusion like it was stopped in the defense bill but in politics you follow the money to find out why something happens.
  3. pergo56

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    It's all down hill from here!

    Their going to start falling like Dominoes!:eek:
    This is a e-mail I received from one of my online accounts and I'm sure theirs more to follow. :mad:

    "Due to the recent passing of the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act by the United States Senate on September 30, 2006, and its imminent enactment as federal law, we will no longer allow real money gaming activities from United States residents.

    We regret to inform you that, consequently, we are closing your gaming account at Titan Poker.

    Your balance is available to you. You may access your account and request the withdrawal of such balance, subject to any conditions that might apply, including bonuses received.

    We appreciate your patronage, and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We hope to be able to offer to you our services again in the future.

    Robin Steele
    Titan Poker"

    This is one big S**T sandwich and were all going to get a bite!!!!
  4. pokernut

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    Atleast they are giving time to get your money other sites have not others such as PokerChamps, Sun, William Hill, etc. have just locked US players out and say thay will send a check in 3-4 weeks.
  5. pokernut

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    In reviewing the money ( given to politicians I could not find any coming from online casinos. But the B&M's gave plenty. You would have thought they would have been fighting this bill with the good old American tradition Money. But no they just sat back collecting their millions and did nothing.
  6. pokernut

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    Oh well more is coming: one of my banks just blocked a transfer to Neteller and Firepay.
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    I used Citadel to set up my UB account - the only online account I have - anyone else use them? are they still functional? can you still take the money out?
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    Fighting back

    Online gaming firms consider legal challenge to US ban

    · British-based companies could mount WTO case
    · Antiguan government says it will work with websites

    Hans Kundnani
    Friday October 6, 2006
    The Guardian

    British-based online gambling companies could join forces with the Antiguan government to challenge the new US legislation targeting internet gambling that wiped an estimated £4bn from the sector's stockmarket value on Monday.
    Antigua, which has already successfully challenged previous US laws on internet gambling, said yesterday it would be willing to work with UK companies such as Sportingbet to challenge what they see as US protectionism.

    Following a complaint from Antigua, the World Trade Organisation ruled last year that US laws on online gambling contravened its rules. A WTO panel will decide in November whether the US is now complying with its rules.

    complete link here:,,1888968,00.html
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    This is my list of sites that i've been updating, please add to it with any that you know of.

    US palyers Banned
    - Party Poker (once the bill is signed)
    - 888 (Pacific Poker)
    - All sites on the Cryptologic software (William Hill, Inter, PokerPlex, Sun, Littlewoods)
    - Dream Poker (some states)
    - Victor Chandler, Ladbrokes, WPTOnline, Everest, PKR,Expekt
    - B2B network (Martin's, Wasa, 24h)
    - BetFred
    - CPays casinos (32vegas,carnival)
    - iPoker network (Titan,CD,Noble,Ocean,Fair)
    - Boss network casinos
    - Bet365

    - Pokerroom & ongame network
    - PokerStars
    - Prima/Microgaming network
    - other networks (pokerhost,gamesgrid,Action, Tribeca,Tain)
    - Paradise/Sporting bet

    Will Allow
    - WSEX
    - True Poker
    - UB
    - Absolute
    - Bodog
    - Full Tilt
    - Smaller Sites (Cake Poker, 4Aces, Jungle)
    - Golden Palace (will review every 30 days)
    - PokerShare

    New Terms for Neteller, check your account.
    So far it does not seem to affect the BJ sites (UB, bet21, Global, Etc.) so I guess it is the poker players that are getting hit the hardest.
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  10. fgk42

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    All a bunch of woosie's and pansies. Go ahead and cut us off - who needs ya anyway. Wasn't 888 the site with the misleading BJ deal a few months ago?
  11. jmbelders

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    What about Global?

    What is Global's stance on this subject? I would like to know.
  12. pokernut

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    According to Jay Bailey at the National Right for Online Gaming, the Safe Ports Act (H.R. 4954), which contains the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, is expected to be signed into law by President Bush on Friday, October 13th.
    The bill was officially presented to the President on Tuesday, October 3rd. The Constitution calls for 10 days starting at this point in time, with Sundays not counting. So, the 13th is within the time frame allowed for in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 7).
  13. KenSmith

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  14. Hollywood

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    (insert anti-Frist rant above that's best left off a blackjack forum such as this)

    All i can say is, this type of argument (computers can't tell if someone logging on is 13 or 35) is the same claptrap we hear everytime there's sex/violence on TV or in movies (protect the children!)

    bottom line is, it provides the perfect excuse for adults to not have any resposibility PARENTING THEIR OWN CHILDREN. if parents are so concerned, put in a V-Chip or block out certain TV channels. Don't let their kids go to R-rated movies. Load Cybernanny or some other website blocking software onto your home computer that regularly updates to prevent porn, gambling, and other child-inappropriate sites from loading. Hey, it works at most corporate offices, why wouldn't it work at home too?

    And how 13-year-olds get access to sensitive bank account information is beyond me. If your child is stealing your credit card numbers to make online purchases, i think you've got a much bigger problem at stake than WHERE your child is spending the money... to blame the site your child spends the money AT, whether gambling or video games, is beyond the point. POLICE/PARENT YOUR OWN KIDS, DON'T MAKE ME DO IT FOR YOU.

    sigh. what the F is going on?!?

  15. noman

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    I do believe, if you can, list Jay Bailey at the National right for on line gaming contact information. and if he and it are a group working FOR a legal way for those of us here, we all should join the org and contribute whatever abilities we have to the cause. Or just go to the B&M's. Especially the Indian ones. It's about time they earned restitution.
  16. pokernut

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    Another one down

    Another site down but just in the states where internet gambling is illegal and a crime.
    Dear XXX
    This letter serves to clarify the recent decision by DreamPoker to stop
    accepting play from players
    from 7 states in the United States of America (Nevada, Indiana,
    Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Washington, Wisconsin).

    1. Please note that this decision was a decision taken by DreamPoker on
    its own and is not a decision taken by
    either the Prima Poker network or Microgaming. This decision was not
    forced on DreamPoker by Prima Poker
    or Microgaming but was a decision taken by DreamPoker based on current
    legislation in the USA.

    2. This decision only affects players from the abovementioned states
    and in no way affects players from any
    other states in the USA. Play continues as normal in other states.

    3. The accounts of non depositors have been locked and no further play
    will be accepted on those accounts including freerolls.

    4. The accounts of depositing players are being left opened until 11
    October in order to facilitate withdrawals of
    any remaining balances in those accounts. DreamPoker kindly requests
    that those players refrain from playing
    further on DreamPoker. These accounts will be locked after 11 October.

    DreamPoker sincerely regrets the inconvenience this may have caused to
    any of its players.

    DreamPoker would like to thank all those affected players for their
    support of the site until now.

    Thanking you

    Don Carter
    DreamPoker Pitboss
    Hope to see more taking this action rather than locking out all of the USA.
  17. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Has Global Player made a decision yet?
  18. pokernut

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    Party Poker

    Get your money out !
    Bargain hunters should firmly resist the online-gambling stocks, despite recent declines of about 60%. One could lose an arm trying to catch these falling knives.MORE TROUBLE COULD LIE ahead for PartyGaming. Gamblers anxious to clear out their accounts could cause a run on the bank. For according to the company's June 30, 2006, balance sheet, PartyGaming owes its clients $192.6 million in liabilities and prize pools, while having only $132.9 million in cash and cash equivalents to meet that obligation. And those cash holdings are likely to have fallen sharply, because of $130.5 million of cash spent on an acquisition in August. Meanwhile, The Financial Times reported the cancellation of a $500 million bank credit line that the company had made some use of. PartyGaming recently cancelled a $115 million special dividend to shore up its cash.

    The problem all this poses for gamblers is that, unlike the brokerage industry, customer accounts aren't segregated and insured. Your money and the house's money tend to be one.

    Several phone inquiries by Barron's to PartyGaming on its current cash situation went unanswered.

    Of course, the company could make good on its obligation with its retained earnings and shareholders equity, if there were any. But unfortunately the company has a negative tangible net worth of minus $53 million. And after what happened in Washington, one can bet that its servers and other physical assets are no longer worth the $58.3 million shown on the balance sheet. Nor are its goodwill and other intangible assets likely worth anywhere near their $144.4 million balance-sheet value. Not when the business has just gone up in smoke.

    PartyGaming offers a sad tableau. Investors have already lost a ton. Its players may have their money frozen, or never get all of it back. There are no winners in this sordid tale, except Parasol(the owner) and the other insiders. You don't beat the house.
  19. BJFAN4

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    The sky is not falling, long term !

    A $6B US online gambling business will not be ignored in the longer term. I am no lawyer but apparently this new bill provides a lot of opportunities for B&M casinos to step in as long as State law permits. I am sure that the Nevada and other casino friendly legislatures will comply with the wishes of the casino industry and legislate accordingly in a nanosecond.
    I think this bill is a major victory for the powerful Washington casino lobby. Could it be that the religious right just got smoke blown up their behind?:joker: :joker: :joker:
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    oh no!!

    you've gone and done it now.....

    you used the R word!!!! Twice!!!!!!!

    I'm going to my bunker :eek:



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