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    Looky looky looky

    You guys/gals just KNEW I couldn't be serious for more than a day right?

    I just wanted to give this thread a 100 post!

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    Online petition against gambling ban has more than 8,000 signatures
    3:05 PM, Thursday, October 12, 2006 by Sarah Polson

    Jim Perkins, a corporate/finance attorney in Santa Monica, Calif., is helping poker players take a stand against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), recently passed as part of the SAFE Port Act in Congress, with an online petition. Since its posting on Oct. 2, the petition has garnered more than 8,000 signatures from around the United States.

    Perkins, who has played poker online since 1998, said he's been watching this and similar legislation for years going back to the Leach bill. Though he opted not to post a petition in the past because he didn't want to become a "target" by those supporting the legislation, he's now changed his mind.

    "When the legislation finally did pass, I had had enough and wanted to make sure that the voice of everyone that enjoys online poker and other gambling was heard," he said.

    The petition is addressed to all members of the Congress and Senate and reads as follows:

    "We would like to register our strong disagreement with and disapproval of the recently enacted bill regarding the prohibition and/or regulation of internet gambling. The bill was originally introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Goodlatte and was attached to 'must pass' legislation in the Senate by Senator Frist.

    "We strongly believe that the government should not attempt to prohibit online gambling by adults. We favor legalization, regulation and taxation of online gambling by the government of the United States."

    As of the writing of this article, the petition had signatures from 8,214 people from more than three-fourths of the 50 states. U.S. residents and citizens who would like to sign the petition can do so at

    "People who want to gamble online will gamble online," Perkins said. "By passing a bill that attempts to prohibit people from engaging in an activity that many millions of people clearly want to engage in, the government is driving the activity underground and creating the likelihood of greater harm."

    It is his opinion that if the government is truly concerned about the evils of addictive or underage gambling or money laundering, the better solution is to legalize online gambling and regulate it to address potential problems.

    "Ideally, I would like to see legislation passed that specifically legalizes online gaming (of all varieties) and creates safeguards to keep underage gamblers from playing, to identify problem gamblers and encourage them to get help, and to resolve the money laundering issues," Perkins said.

    "I honestly believe that legalization could actually go a good deal further toward identifying and solving the last two problems than any other approach as the gaming sites have the capability of creating tremendous banks of data and powerful analytical tools."

    Perkins said he's had support from various Internet news groups and communities to help get the word out about the survey, but was surprised by the lack of support from online gaming sites, organizations such as the Poker Players' Alliance, and other groups and businesses that would have a vested interest in supporting online gaming.

    "I have been surprised that no businesses or organizations that would seem to be most interested in promoting online gambling have stepped in to promote this drive," Perkins said. "I wrote to all the major online poker sites and got back a message that basically their official position was 'no comment.'"

    Perkins plans to keep the petition up as long as the Petition Online has their site up and running. Once the signing volume slows down to "more of a trickle," the petition will be forwarded to California's senators and representatives in Congress as well as the five members of Congress who stood up against the legislation.

    "I would hope that we could get an organized voice for the legality of online gaming together that would include some of the people who have been making tons of money off the industry, or some of the companies that stand to make even more if Congress were to explicitly legalize online gaming," Perkins said
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    Dirty Deed is done,3840196.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines

    Why not mention that it puts business's OUT of BUSINESS :confused:
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    I already have a mother - thank you very much. Isn't it nice that Big Brother has to watch out for me?
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    Internet gambling bill would not prohibit online poker says Congresswoman

    "This (internet gambling) legislation has a loophole big enough to drive a truck through that was designed solely to protect betting on horse racing and lotteries over the Internet," says Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV), who went on the record with's Kira Wissman to discuss the impact, if any, this bill will have on internet gambling.
    ------ recently had the opportunity to speak with Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV) on her views regarding the recent legislation passed in the U.S. Congress, prohibiting online poker rooms, and certain banking transactions between the customer and online gambling sites. Congresswoman Berkley is an avid support of research into how to economically regulate the online gambling industry and turn it into a profitable enterprise for both the public and private sector.

    Shelley Berkley: “It is not the role of the federal government to tell adults how they should spend their money, and that includes betting on-line."

    In May, 2006, Congresswoman Berkley cosponsored bipartisan legislation that sought to create a federal study on Internet gaming. The study bill was a direct response to efforts in the House to ban all forms of on-line gaming.

    "Internet gaming is becoming more popular every day and we need a comprehensive federal study that looks at the question of whether or not it can be effectively regulated and what role technology can play in accomplishing that goal,” said Berkley, who co-chairs the Congressional Gaming Caucus.

    Titled The Internet Gambling Study Commission Act, the bill was meant to counter renewed efforts in the House to enact a sweeping ban that would prohibit all forms of on-line gaming. Berkley questions the effectiveness of such a ban, given the limited information now available on how such a legislation would be enforced. Berkley has also expressed concern about federal intrusion into an arena normally reserved for the individual states.

    "Nevada is the world model for well-regulated gaming and people who come to the Las Vegas strip know they are not going to be ripped-off. As a nation, we should look at whether or not the Nevada model can also be used to regulate gaming on-line. That is just one of the many questions I hope this study will answer,” said Berkley. “It is not the role of the federal government to tell adults how they should spend their money, and that includes betting on-line."

    The bill was introduced by Rep. Jon Porter (R-NV) and was cosponsored by more than 40 House Members. The legislation calls for creation of a federally appointed panel to study questions relating to Internet gaming and requires the panel to report its findings and recommendations for future action.

    In July, Congresswoman Berkley again voted against Republican-led efforts to ban casino gaming on the Internet and unsuccessfully fought to amend the legislation to close a loophole giving special exemptions to horse racing and lotteries.

    "This legislation has a loophole big enough to drive a truck through that was designed solely to protect betting on horse racing and lotteries over the Internet. The fact that this bill was included in the GOP’s “Values Agenda” proves it is nothing more than an election-year ploy to satisfy Republicans on the far right who want to outlaw adults from gambling in Nevada or anywhere else,” said Berkley.

    "I continue to be amazed by the members of this body who constantly rail against an intrusive federal government, and yet, when it comes to gaming, they are the first to call for more government intrusion,” Berkley said. “A man’s home is his castle unless he chooses to participate in online gaming. Then his home becomes the province of the federal government.”

    "The vast majority of states allow gaming and regulate it, whether it be lotteries, racing, card rooms, or casinos. This bill would make a legal activity illegal in those same states solely because it is done online rather than in a casino. In reality the intent of this bill is to attack and undermine legal gaming in our nation,” said Berkley.

    An amendment to H.R. 4411, the “Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act,” offered by Congresswoman Berkley would have eliminated provisions in the bill that specifically exempt lotteries and horse racing from the ban on gambling over the Internet. While her amendment was ultimately rejected, Berkley cites the loophole as evidence of the hypocrisy displayed by the bill’s backers. These lawmakers claim the legislation will crack-down on betting over the Internet, but tout the fact that it contains exemptions protecting the interests of the horse racing industry and lottery companies.

    "Despite its misleading name, there is no getting around the fact that this bill very clearly and specifically states that betting on horse racing over the Internet is not prohibited. The same holds true for lotteries, which enjoy special protections under this legislation. And despite the misinformed and misguided claims of this bill’s supporters, it would neither prohibit Internet gaming, nor increase the enforcement capabilities of the United States government,” said Berkley.

    Berkley believes Congress should thoroughly examine the issue of Internet gaming to assess how states and gaming entities might use technology and state regulations to ensure the safety and integrity of Internet gaming based in the U.S. With billions of dollars going from the US to foreign Internet gaming operations, Berkley urges Congress to leave the door open for U.S.-based gaming entities to provide safe, regulated and state-taxed Internet gaming options.
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    LONDON -- NETeller PLC, which transfers money for Web gambling companies, improved its NetDirect service to enable customers to block payments from specific countries including the United States, where laws have been passed to shut down on-line gambling.

    Isle of Man-based NETeller unveiled the changes following a 61-per-cent plunge of its shares on Oct. 2, after the U.S. unexpectedly approved legislation to ban credit card companies from collecting payments for bets. NETeller is seeking to guard itself against any further reaction by the U.S. and other territories that may seek to criminalize Internet gambling. The clampdown wiped $7-billion (U.S.) off European stocks and has forced World Gaming PLC to suspend its shares.

    NETeller also said yesterday it has introduced websites in Danish and Swedish to help expand outside the United States. In addition to its main website in English, the company has others in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese
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    Is it just me or is it mainly British companies that are getting well and truely rogered by this port security bill? What about other European, Asian, Russian, etc companies? Surely they must have had a stake in this vast market. Why aren't we hearing about them?

    Special relationship my arse!!! :D


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    Colonialism has evolved,mutated to the 22nd century. Ah, YOU BRITS!
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    Action Poker Network’s Position on the Recent US Legal Developments

    We deeply regret the decision of the US Congress which through the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act has banned gaming sites from accepting bets from US based customers. We would like to update you on the decisions we have taken and to inform you of the changes to our gaming products and services in light of this event.

    First, and foremost, we thank you for your patronage, and although we are forced to take these measures now, we anticipate that in the very near future, perhaps in matter of days or weeks, we shall reopen to US customers. Prior to that, we would like to update you on the decisions we have taken to immediately deal with this issue and to inform you of the changes to our gaming products and services in light of this event.

    For Existing Members:

    * We will no longer be able to accept deposits from US based members.
    * To allow for an orderly wind down of the US business, Action Poker Network will remain open for US customers for real money poker play utilizing their existing account balances for one month UNLESS such customers are from either of the following states where there is a law against internet gaming: Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Utah, and Hawaii. Customers from these states will be unable to play for real money effective immediately.
    * At the end of the month long period, US residents will be prevented from playing real money poker at Action Poker Network.
    * The new legislation does not apply to payouts. US based members with money in their account with us will be able to request payouts. However, once a payout has been processed, US members will be unable to deposit those funds back into their member accounts.
    * Play for fun versions will continue to be available for your gaming enjoyment.
    * US based members may keep their accounts open as we hope to reopen our service to US based members in the very near future

    For New Members:

    * New US based members are welcome to register for play for fun versions of our software.
    * For the time being, new US based members will not be able to deposit or play real money.

    For both existing and new US based members, our Customer Support will remain available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your account or any other matter.

    Again, we express our sincere thanks for your patronage, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you again shortly.
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    written October 18, 2006

    What a devastating time it is for the online sports betting industry. It's sad enough when a shady sports book pilfers players funds, but when one of the pioneers and leaders in the realm of online gambling becomes a thief, it reflects poorly on everyone in the industry.

    Unless you have been living in a cave, the news about BetCorp (BetWWTS) deciding not to take bets from US residents was released last Friday. There is nothing wrong with that as many publicly traded companies have gone this route since the Internet gambling bill was passed by the Senate and signed by the President into law last week.

    What is wrong is that WWTS has decided to freeze all player funds of US citizens. This is not their money and no reputable company has the right to do this. In essence, they are robbing their customers who live in the United States.

    In my opinion, any gambling site that continues to endorse WWTS is assisting in this blatant theft.

    One operator who asked to remain anonymous said the following to EOG today. "their post up debt is $10 million dollars. The reason I know this is that we were considering buying them out. They'd be VERY FORTUNATE to receive 4 million. All that's really left are receivables and their receivables do not equal customer balances. I believe that if they do not get what they want, they will walk away and steal all of the US customers' money."

    Remember, we are dealing with the likes of Wall Street mentality with Walker at the helm...

    He is anything but a bookmaker...

    The days of Billy Scott and Jessica are over and this place is not even a shadow of what it once was...

    This behavior would NEVER have happened had BILLY SCOTT still been in charge...

    We will continue to keep our readers informed as further developments occur.

    In my opinion, if no deal is reached before this weekend's slate of Football games are played, the likelihood of the finding a suitable buyer becomes very slim.

    written by Kenneth B. Weitzner--EOG
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    Neteller Press Release


    Update on US position

    Further to the Company’s announcement on 12 October 2006, NETELLER Plc today announced the following update in the light of the action on 13 October 2006 by US President George W Bush to approve and sign into law the SAFE Port Act incorporating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 ("UIGEA” or the “Act”) which includes certain provisions to prohibit “unlawful internet gambling” by restricting gambling sites from accepting certain payments from US residents.

    NETELLER, a company registered outside the US, will comply with the Act and its related regulations as if it were subject to the Act’s jurisdiction. This action is intended to ensure that the Company is able to continue to operate with the support of its principal commercial partners and to protect its shareholders, business partners, employees and reputation.

    Various provisions of the Act, including the obligations of financial transaction providers such as NETELLER, remain unclear. This uncertainty should be largely resolved when the Secretary of the Treasury and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System issue the regulations they are required to prescribe within 270 days.

    In view of the importance of these issues, NETELLER has accelerated its review of the Act and all other relevant laws and pertinent developments. The Company also continues to closely monitor the regulatory situation and is determining what actions to take well before the conclusion of the 270-day rulemaking period.

    In the interim, US-resident customers are able to use the NETELLER service as normal. The funds of US-resident customers are held in trust accounts and will be available for withdrawal, on demand. The ability to withdraw funds will exist regardless of the customer’s location or ability to transfer to any site.

    NETELLER customers not resident in the US are not affected at all by the legislative changes in the US, and the Company will continue to operate its non-US business as normal, maintaining existing customer and merchant support across all the other markets it currently serves.

    NETELLER remains focused on developing its business in line with its stated strategic objectives including geographical and product diversification. The Company continues to launch localised services within the European market, most recently in Sweden and Denmark, and has plans for three further launches later this year. As well as focusing on the gaming sector outside of the US market, the Board considers the development of additional products and services for wallet users to be integral to its diversified market strategy. We expect to share more information on these initiatives in the coming months. The Company is committed to maximising shareholder value both in the short and longer term, and will explore all possible strategic alternatives, including utilising its substantial resources, to ensure the achievement of its strategic objectives.

    The Company’s trading update for the third quarter will be issued on Tuesday, October 31st, 2006. In the meantime, the Company will endeavour to keep shareholders informed of any material developments as and when appropriate.


    Andrew Gilchrist, VP – Communications

    Seems like it is just a matter of time before they leave the U.S. like FirePay.
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    Another one goes down

    Dear XXXX
    As of Sunday, October 22, 2006 at 23:59 CONT, will no longer accept bets from US based players. Until then, US based members are permitted to play for Real Money as usual.
    The new limitations do not apply to cash outs. US based members will be able to request cash outs with no time limit. We can assure you that any funds that you hold in your Casino-on-Net or Pacific Poker account are safe and secure as always.
    Casino-on-Net and Pacific Poker’s Practice Play versions will continue to be
    available for your gaming enjoyment.
    You are welcome to try out our new and exciting skill games which are permitted
    under the new legislation at
    US based members may keep their accounts open as we plan to launch new Money Play games in the near future that will be legal under the new legislation.
    It is our promise to you, our valued members, to continue providing the very best possible products and services in the online gaming industry. We will update you in advance with any new developments regarding the US legislation.
    Please feel free to contact our Member Support Department if you have any questions
    about your account:

    888 Management

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