Tournament Comparison Utility?

Discussion in 'Other Games Tournament Strategy' started by Sentry, May 23, 2006.

  1. Sentry

    Sentry Member

    Math impaired here, so I'm looking for a shortcut.

    I'm searching for a way to compute the value of a tournament, comparing the entry fee to the prize money and factoring the number of entries etc. With that data, I want to be able to campare two or more choices and comparison shop just like at the grocery. Ideally, I'd like to be able to compare apples to oranges, and rank a BJ or Craps vs a Poker tourney.

    Is ther a tool for this, or at least a formula that I can build in to a spreadsheet?
  2. chipsmccoy

    chipsmccoy New Member

    quick and dirty

    If you take the total value of the prize money to be paid out and divide it by the number of entrants you get an average payout per entrant. You can then compare that to your cost to enter. That is the first step. Of course there are other factors, some obvious and some not so obvious, some quantifiable and some not, but none as important as that first step above.


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