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    The winners of the open UBT stops are paying more than $10,000 since their entry fee to the TOC was withheld from their winnings. They themselves could have collected interests on the 10K from the time they won their tournament to the time they would have to enter the TOC should they choose to.
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    Yes and no.

    for example the winner of The Palms was given his 10,000 in cash and will not be playing at the TOC.

    The winner of the Venetian, Monica Reeves, gained an entry to the TOC. She could, I believe, request the 10,000 instead of the entry (I'm not sure and only Monica knows for sure).

    The interest on the 10,000 for Sept-November. Is it that substantial? I guess it depends upon your definition of the word "substantial" doesn't it?

    However since the winners of the open tour stop didn't receive the 10,000 cash (with the exception of RB), they also didn't get 1099's for that. So the question is this - what's better to pay 35% of the 10,000 - then pay the 10,000 for the TOC


    Have UBT give you a seat for the 10,000 event and not give you the 1099?

    I know MY answer to that one! ;)
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    I asked Joe Pane about this issue and this was his response:

    Joe also mentioned that UBT did try to get Barona to run setellites in advance of the UBT, but they don't want to. I think that while the lack of satellites is disappointing, I think it is good news that the UBT is thinking about how to ensure that the total prize pool exceeds 1,000,000. I'm fine with the secrecy for now as they have been burned in the past for changing plans, but it's probably in their best interest to finalize their plans soon.

    It also sounds like the UBT will be helpful or at least not standing in the way of players making a deal before the final table. I think that is good news.
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    The unfortunate thing about the secrecy surrounding those plans to boost the prize fund beyond the $1M guarantee is that many players aren't going to show up due to the belief that it'll be a winner-take-all, or close to it. :sad:
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    I dont know if hypocrisy is the right word but to read this and then think back to that 10 grand event in Laughlin. The 10 grand event in Laughlin had well defined values of expectation and now the same people that grilled Laughlin give a bunch of maybes. grrrrr.
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    With around 300 players going to the $100k guaranteed last chance which finishes the day before, will just be a case of staying on 2 extra days if they decide to play which a lot have said they will do depending on pay structure or stay to watch the TOC anyway.

    I think if Barona changed it to even a 1.2m/1.3m guarantee thus leave $200k/$300k for the other finalists it would make a massive difference to number of entries,

    In fact am sure in that scenario there would end up with enough players to increase on the guaranteed prize pool.

    On offer
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    I agree with you, Mace, that a group of people will likely make a last-minute decision on the TOC (I am among them). If they guarantee a $1.2 million pool, then 2nd-7th would look like:


    which would not be awful, but I think 1.3 million could make the parouts closer to appropriate for the prize field.

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