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  1. John Zalokar

    John Zalokar Member

    How is it that you list every nickel and dime waste of time Tournament and totally ignore the Golden Nugget Las Vegas $100,000.00 - $50,000.00 first place - event the 28th/29th [April] ?????? $ 500. Buy in for a crack at $50,000.
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  2. george

    george Top Member

    go to their web site they have it listed $100,000 super suits tournament,,april 26-29 2018
  3. John Zalokar

    John Zalokar Member

    Where? The G N website? Or This website I didn't see it on this alleged listing of events.
  4. george

    george Top Member

    the G N website
  5. John Zalokar

    John Zalokar Member

    No kidding - of course it's listed on the GN website. . . . Duh . . . Where is it on this compendium of future events???? Something that would have some VALUE1!!
    This is supposed to be something more than a koffee clatch for dim wits looking for someone to share thrills about almost making it to a $500 first place????
  6. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    John Z.
    It's up to members ( like you ) to get the listings on the calendar.
    If you want it there, do your duty.

    Billy C
  7. John Zalokar

    John Zalokar Member

    The owner of this website should be providing a comprehensive list of Black Jack Tournaments, with a minimum of 30 days advance notice, for members planning purposes. Instead it is just another pathetic attempt at data mining for the owners personal gain as member details and interests are collected and sold. Another face book knockoff.
  8. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    Doesn't work that way----------never has!!!

    Billy C
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  9. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Good grief!!!! This site is member driven, which means that any information on the calendar has been placed by an individual member. The owner(s) & moderators only keep an eye on things unless they have personal knowledge of an event, in which case they can post it just like anyone else. Perhaps you could take on the task of posting the GN BJT's yourself since it appears no one else has done so.

    By the way, if anyone doesn't like the way this site operates, perhaps a full refund of the membership fee could be arranged.
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  10. johnr

    johnr Member

    I agree, well written!
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  11. george

    george Top Member

    duh... I know a dim wit when I see one
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  12. John Zalokar

    John Zalokar Member

    I have not paid a membership fee - and I don't intend to. There is no reason for me to log on again.
  13. Monkeysystem

    Monkeysystem Top Member Staff Member is a friendly discussion forum. Let's all keep it that way.

    Since there is no paid staff and the website is free, we rely on the members to keep the calendar up to date.
  14. noman

    noman Top Member

    John Zolakar. If you're not logging on again there is no need for this post. But, a discussion of the Golden Nugget tournament would be of value. If you've played it before, your comments on its value would be appreciated. If you haven't, perhaps other members here who have might give you some insight as to its real value, now and in the future. There are some proposed changes to that tournament which make it a real iffy prop. I personally would like to be reassured that attending would be worthwhile.

    In the same breath, I'd like a discussion of whether there is real opportunity in the series of Harrahas, or Ceasar's Entertainment BJ tourney's, whee upwards of 1200 people enter to play one advance tables for up to four rounds to even have a chance at money.
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