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    The GABJT is conducting Jill boot camp, here in Tulsa. So if anyone needs a playing partner for the jack & Jill tournament. PM me and i'll see what i can arrange. (They may be short on skill but Long on enthusiasm.)
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    Didn't want to start a new thread so...

    Can someone give some details about the Friday "super-satellites" going on?

    What time do they start?

    110.00 for a "satellite"? That's 1/3 the entry fee isn't it?

    How many players? TBJPA rules?

    Also how about the MAIN EVENT?

    Anticipated players?

    Any comp'd players?

    Maybe I missed all the ADVERTISING and it's in another thread - so forgive me if that's the case.
  3. TXtourplayer

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    Mis-named, it's not really a satellite

    All the tournaments in Tulsa with $100 + more for entries are actually the tournaments themselves. It is what they are calling the smaller event before the main event.

    They do offer what they call satellites for around $25 and $65 each, but those are really Sit & Go events since they award back the money instead of a seat in a bigger event.
  4. Queen of Diamonds

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    Tulsa Tournaments

    The Super Satellite is Friday starting at 10:00 AM. The buy-in is $110. The Super Satellite is designed to award as many seats into the Main Event as possible. For every four participants in this event, a seat will be awarded to the top finishers, for up to 18 seats. For example, in May there were 61 participants, so 15 seats were awarded. The remaining prize pool is then awarded to 1st through 6th place. In May, on average there were 60 players with a couple events with participation over 80 (Main Event there were 85.) Sit & Go's will be offered Tuesday - Thursday from 12 PM to 4 PM.
  5. TXtourplayer

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    I stand corrected

    I went back and looked at the May Super-satellite event and they did award seats, I wasn't aware of.

    Sorry for that mis-information, I thought it was just cash prizes, I wasn't aware of the seats being giving away.

    Basic TBJPA rules will apply and will be sancationed by the TBJPA, but this is NOT a TBJPA event.

    Rules that are different: Ace maybe split up to 4 times, Chips stacks are not limited to how high they can be stacked, $10 will be the minimum bet. I believe those are the only differences then the normal TBJPA rules.

    And yes the $110 entry fee will be 1/3 of the main events entry of $330 and as Liz pointed out, in the May Super-Satellite event they had 61 players and awarded 15 seats.
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  6. the farmer

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    Can anyone tell me about the Wednasday & Thursday nights touraments , like what kind of prize monies? Plus explain the bounty tourament Wednesday night. ....Thanks

    The Farmer
  7. jmbelders

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    From an earlier post on the Bounty Tourney.

    Here are the rules from a previous event:

    Bounty Blackjack Tournament Format:
    · The Bounty Blackjack Tournament is where all participants take turns being the banker. The banker is labeled as the bounty for that hand.
    · Standard Cherokee Casino Blackjack Tournament rules apply.
    · Each participant will have a starting bankroll of $500 in tournament chips.
    · No chip counts may be requested.
    · All bets will be made in increments of $10. The minimum and the maximum bet will escalate every six hands. Blind Levels are yet to be determined.
    o If a participant places a bet in $5 increments, the dealer will round the bet down to the nearest $10 increment, and proceed in reconciling the hand.
    o If a participant places a wager above the maximum, the wager will be reduced to the maximum bet, the dealer will then reconcile the hand. All overages will be returned to the participant.
    o In the event a participant has less than the minimum bet, they will be required to go “All-In.” They will be allowed to play the hand; if the participant wins, they will only receive a payout equal to their wager. For a blackjack, the bet, in increments of ten, will be paid standard and the remaining odd amounts will be paid even money.
    · In each round the two participants remaining at the table will advance to the next round. Participants will advance to the next round with their bankrolls.
    · No Wild cards will be used for this tournament
    · The marker will determine who the banker is and the bounty for the current hand. When it is a participant’s turn to be the banker and the bounty he/she must risk 100% of their bankroll.
    · The betting order and dealing order will start with the participant to the bounties left and move in a clockwise rotation.
    o The bounty will not receive cards as his hand will be played as the dealers hand. The bounty’s hand will follow all house rules. All other participants are playing their hands against the bounties hand.
    o All winning wagers will be paid from the bounty’s bankroll, and all losing wagers will be collected and added to bounty’s bankroll.
    · When participants are acting on their hands dealt, if they stay on a blackjack, it is paid at that time
    o Reconciliation will start with the participant to the bounty’s left and move in a clockwise rotation. If the bounty cannot pay all participants, the bounty will be eliminated from tournament play, and the remaining hands either won or lost to the bounty will be declared a push.
    o The participant who eliminates the bounty will receive a prize payout in live chips paid from the prize pool of the tournament.
    · The two remaining participants from each table move on to the next round from all rounds
  8. the farmer

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    Bounty playing

    Thanks J M for that info on ths bouty playing.
    I plan to play in it Wednesday . Thanks again
    , ...........The Farmer
  9. Queen of Diamonds

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    Tulsa Bounty

    Just an FYI-the starting bankroll has been changed to $800.
  10. TXtourplayer

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    For Bounty only?

    Liz, is the $800 starting bank roll for the Bounty tournament only or all the events?
  11. the farmer

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    THANKS Queen for the info...................The Farmer

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