UB/AP The New Seating Problem or is it?

Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by bjmace, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. bjmace

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    No one has mentioned this and am not really sure how big an issue with the new AP/UB BJT software,
    Everyone will remember the seating issue argument that raged on until corrected on the old software,
    The new software on Mtt's UB/AP have implemented a starnge way of seating, basically the first through are seated from right to left thus if you are on a fast finishing table you get seated in 1,2 a slow table for instance with Joe Pane on it lol would have you go through to the end seats, Thus my new thinking is for good elimination position early then slow playing comes into effect this could make the game a nightmare am interested to hear other views on this one:confused:
  2. RKuczek

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    You're right. This is unfair. We need to complain about it.
  3. RKuczek

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    Another Problem

    Another problem I have noticed, and already complained about, is the offering of 'equal money' on blackjacks. This is done in such a way that a player can take equal money, even if he lacks the bankroll to cover the insurance bet. This is very unfair, of course.
  4. zweeky

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    I see this one as a different rule but not a problem. Whether or not we like the difference is a matter of opinion. It's like "insurance" and "even money" are two different rules in that case. But if it was not their intention to change the rule, they should correct it.
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  5. KenSmith

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    The seating problem is unfair, but I fail to see how allowing even money on blackjacks is unfair since it affects all players equally.
  6. bjmace

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    Even Money

    Even money was one of the first things i noticed but agree with Ken and Zweeky with all people offered this is fair and in some cases a useful weapon, I believe is also in their new cash game too.
    Will the seating problem stop me from playing.........

    Hell No Mace Go Slow :D
  7. RKuczek

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    I see even money as a 'quick' substitute for taking insurance when you have a bj. If you do that, you receive a win equal to your bet, no matter if the dealer has a bj or not, i.e. 'even money'. By allowing a tournament player to take 'even money' when he does not have the bankroll to place an insurance bet, you are allowing him to effectively make a bet that he lacks the money for. This is no more sensible than a rule allowing a player to say, 'I bet $10' when he only has $5 on the table. It is a phantom bet with a real payoff.

    As far as the 'it's a rule' arguement - well - so are rules paying 3-1 for suited blackjacks, 5-1 for 5 card charlies and other garbage play rules. Just another means of reducing the skill component and increasing random variance. Casinos, whether bricks and mortar or on-line, will not be happy until tournament bj has all the skill component of a slot tournament.
  8. jpennell

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    Even Money Good or Bad

    The 1st time that I noticed this feature on Ult Bet was when someone went all in on hand 1, got a BJ and then took even money against the dealer ace. At 1st I thought that it was not right that he could essentially insure his bet with chips that he didn't have. However after a couple minutes I decided that I preferred the rule. The more options / decisions given to players increases the skill.

    I hate the limits to the tourneys in AC. Tourneys in AC are pretty much played by standard AC rules. Therefore you cannot double down on BJ or 21 (split tens and get an ace). No face down cards on double down. No secret bets. Taking decisions away from players reduces the skill. Therefore I like the even money rule.

    Just my opinion.

  9. UB-Pitboss

    UB-Pitboss New Member

    very typicals of UB

    This is typical of new people since they mate with Absolute poker and get rid of our team. As with input at time from my friends on here seating issues were resolved and everything was running good, Now BJ is mess up again oh dear

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