UBT Season 3???

Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by Sonny, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    Does anyone know what happened to the most recent UBT tournament (season 3 I guess)? I’ve been trying to find footage/info about it for a while but can’t seem to find anything. I’m looking for a particular game that had Darryl Purpose, Darrel Arnold, Kevin Blackwood, and a handsome gentlemen named Sonny. It was taped in Los Angeles on 1/15/07. It seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth. :(

    Thanks for any leads.

  2. LeftNut

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  3. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    Dang! I had no idea it was such a hornet's nest. Thanks so much for the information LN.

  4. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    Considering YOUR episode made Season 2 I wonder why? :laugh:

    Welcome to the cross your fingers and pray for a good season 2.

    Oh and if you want to help your cause (i.e., seeing your episode actually air on national TV) you might want to plunk down 19.95 for a monthly membership at The Club!

    PS. I got no commissions or sales or kick-backs from the above mentioned suggestion. However I have been told that I would be getting "kicked" from several UBT "heavies" if I said anything negative - you know those men in black?

    I knew they were serious when they knocked on my door eqiped with their keyboards and the UBT hairdryer. I asked if I could see them for a closer look and their leader asked me, "Whats wrong with you - Do you want to get eliminated?"

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  5. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    No, that's not why the "no comment." I'm fully aware that the show with my mug in it could have very easily been one of the unfortunate ones shoved back to Season 3.

    I'd be tickled to help support the Club with a membership, but.... well.... let's not open that can of worms again, eh? :cool:

  6. Stubbs

    Stubbs New Member


    This is interesting.... So whos trying to post with my REAL name Sonny. Thats kind of sick if you think about it. Get a fucin life you loser.
  7. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    If it's any tiny consolation, Stubbs, I never thought for one second that it was you.

    When I first tried to sign up on Bet21, someone had already swiped "LeftNut" as a moniker.
    Thought that was pretty bizarre, too.


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