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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Online Casinos)' started by RKuczek, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. RKuczek

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    there seems to be a major software problem at UB - that's come up since their last software update -

    both last night and tonight - I registered for the 9:30 PM $5+$0.50 Lucky Hand tournament - last night there were 46 players registered, tonight 36; both tournaments spent several minutes in 'seating' mode - then canceled - I also registered for last night's 10:30 PM $10+$1 $5K Sat tourney - which was canceled - having fewer than 12 persons registered -

    for all three tourneys - my buy-ins were not refunded -

    I messaged the 'cashier' last night, no response or acknowledgement for that message yet - no refund of buy-ins yet - have messaged them again - to 'support' this time -

    will let you know what happens - but - if you have been canceled out of a tourney - especially the ones mentioned above - check your accounts to see if they refunded the buy-in

    I have been playing on UB for more than a year - and they have always handled my account accurately - and never any problem getting a check from them - so - reasonable assumption - this is a software glitch connected to their last update - hopefully they will fix it fast - and refunds will be paid promptly - keep track of your account though - don't depend on their record keeping when they are glitching
  2. tomlw

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    Ultimate bet problem

    I was signed up for the 9:30 the last three nights. Each one of them cancelled. I have emailed them five times with no response. The good news is, they did refund my entry today, :confused: for Wed. tourney. No refund so far for Tue or Thur.
  3. RKuczek

    RKuczek Member

    one of three refunded so far

    I have sent two messages - one to 'cashier', a second one to 'support' - the one to cashier was evidently completely ignored - it referenced the first two tourneys - and I have not been refunded on either of them - the second - to support - mentioned the first two again - and that I had contacted cashier on them - and mentioned the third one - I got a refund on the third one - took one day - so - I will email 'support' again on the first two I was not refunded for - will include screen shots of the tourney lobbies - always take screen shots - is my philosphy -

    this must be a coding glitch from their last update - and it is a bad one they need to fix fast - I bet a lot of people haven't even noticed that some of their money is missing
  4. tomlw

    tomlw Member


    Finally received email reply and my two remaining refunds. Hopefully they are getting it together.
  5. RKuczek

    RKuczek Member

    well - finally got all my refunds

    just today got refunded the last entry fee they owed me for a canceled tournament -

    that was one for a tourney on the 11th - so - nine days -

    record was: on 11th - two canceled tourneys I did not get refunds for - emailed them that night - no response -

    on 12th - one tourney canceled - not refunded - emailed them again - about all three tourneys - they refunded for one of the tourneys on the 11th - that was it -

    a couple of days later - emailed them again - about the two remaining refunds owed - got a refund for the tourney on the 12th - still missing one refund -

    sent another email - with documentation again - about the remaining tourney - finally refunded today -

    took four emails and nine days to get completely refunded -

    but - did get the money back - and they sent me an email apologizing for the delay - first email response I have received on the problem

    I have found UB to be accurate and good in handling the money - so wasn't that worried about not getting a few dollars back - but - it is a hassle to have to do four emails and take nine days to resolve the problem
  6. Barney Stone

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    I think you can feel safe with big companies like UB, they will come thru and make good. As for companies like ClubUBT, starting tomorrow Im gonna start hounding my mail lady for envelopes with playubt on them.

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