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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Other areas)' started by ANDY 956, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. ANDY 956

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    I have had a message from my mate London Colin that he has qualified for the £15.000 Unibet Casino Challenge tournament.

    Colin will hopefully do the business in the final at the London Aspers Casino on 17th October 2015.

    Congratulations Colin and good luck in the final.

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  2. London Colin

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    Well, as with previous such events, it was all very enjoyable, but this time I didn't make it to the final table.

    It was another combined bj/roulette accumulation. If I make it to any more of these, and they keep the same format, then I think I've now got a better idea of how big a goal to set.

    I also got my first taste of a live poker tournament the day before, part of the same event. I lasted for about eight levels, which was about as much as I could reasonably have hoped for. (Which did not stop me harbouring some unreasonable hopes going in :))

    The Casino Challenge tournament still retained some odd quirks, such as a dealer button procedure which only applies to the betting and not to the order in which the hands are played. (And most players bet out of turn anyway, making the whole thing a bit pointless!)

    But it was once again a great social event, and I met some of the same people as last time.

    Although the venue is very close to where I live, the qualification package included travel expenses and a hotel room. When I checked in I also found a gift waiting for me - a pair of Bose headphones (retail price £149, I quickly discovered).

    They took us all out for a meal in the evening, after the tournament, and when we headed back we were armed with a bunch of freeplay and matchplay vouchers to take to the casino.

    Hopefully next time will be just as much fun, but combined with a better result, and Andy will have qualified too.
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