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  1. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    The Sun Cruz website shows John's Pass is temporarily closed.
  2. mauiboy

    mauiboy New Member

    NW BJ Tournaments

    Here is a short list of BJ tournaments around Seattle.
    Name/Location Days Signup/Start Buyin/Rebuy Payoff Method of Play Remarks

    Iron Horse (Auburn) M, T, W, TH, Fr, Su 6pm/7:00 $25/25 $1100/500/250 … DD/14hds/$10-500 Food Comp

    Iron Horse (Everett) Fr, M 5pm/6:00 $25/25 $1100/500/250 … DD/14hds/$10-No limit $10 Food Comp

    Iron Horse (Everett) Sat, Su 1pm/2:00 $25/25 $1100/500/250 … DD/14hds/$10-No limit $10 Food Comp

    Royal Casino (Everett) M, T, W, TH, Su 6pm/7:00 $25/25 $1100/500/250 … DD/14hds/$10-No limit Match plays/1/2 of FC

    Royal Casino (Everett) Fr, Sat 9pm/10:00 $25/25 $1100/500/250 … DD/14hds/$10-No limit Match plays/1/2 of FC

    Royal Casino (Everett) 3rd Thur of the month 6pm/7:00 $50/50 2000/1350/750… DD/14hds/$25-No limit Match plays/1/2 of FC

    GreatAmericanCas (Kent) M 5pm/7:00 $25/20 $1000/500/300… 6dk/21hds/$5-500 FC, MP
    GreatAmericanCas (Everett) T,W, Th 5pm/7:00 $20/10 $1000/500/300…* DD/4shoes/$10-No limit MP

    GreatAmericanCas (Everett) Sat 12pm/2:00 $20/10 $1000/500/300…* DD/4shoes/$10-No limit MP

    GreatAmericanCas (Everett) Su 4pm/6:00 $20/10 $1000/500/300…* DD/4shoes/$10-No limit MP
    Tulalip Casino (Tulalip Res)Tu 6pm/7:00 $45/No $1000/500/300…* 6dk/35hds/Ace option/ $10 MP

    I generally play tournaments with a min 1st of $1000. I hope this helps. Good Luck
  3. Rio

    Rio New Member

    Other areas

    Hi Ken,

    Am I the only member not living and usualy not playing in northern
    america? Maybe you could add an area section 'Other areas' or
    something like that (meaning other than north america, or even a bit
    more detailed like: south and middle americas, europe and afrika,
    asia, australia and oceania. Did I forget any region?

    For example today I am going to play in a bj tourny in Grand Casino
    Baden in Switzerland. Entry is 200 CHF. 84 Players max. Makes prize
    pool of 16'800.
    The casino is adding an extra 10'000 CHF no matter how many
    players attend. Which makes a total max. prize pool 26'800 CHF,
    which is around 21200 US$.
    ( The casino adds a minimum of 95 $ per player to the pot, or in other
    words a minimum of 59 % of the entry fee (even more if less than 84
    players show up) )

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  4. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Actually, I know of one other member here who will also be at a Switzerland tournament this weekend, likely the same one.

    Since I can't imagine adding all the individual casinos outside the US to the listings, perhaps I can add a single generic casino for each area, and then anyone can add these events under the appropriate area, with details about the specific casino in the text description.

    I'll look into doing that. Thanks for the feedback, and good luck in the tourney!
  5. AceQueen

    AceQueen New Member

    Correction to Schedule

    Postings for Chips, La Center, WA are incorrect. You have the Beat The Boss Tournament listed as Tuesday, and it is now Monday evening. The Thursday tournament you list is actually now Wednesday.

    Thank you for this wonderful site.:D
  6. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the updated info. I've changed the listings appropriately.

    By the way, any member can update listings. Give it a try when you see something that's inaccurate.
  7. bartar

    bartar New Member

    Event Schedule for the Master's of Blackjack at NFCR

    The Events Calendar shows that March 24th is a qualifying tournament for the Master's of Blackjack at Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort. March 24th is actually the Championship Tournament. Entry fee: $1500. Prize Pool: $250,000. 1st Place: $125,000. Elimination format. Hope this helps.
  8. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Indeed. Thanks for the update. I've corrected the schedule.

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