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    Would this be the worse bet ever?

    Quebec Masters Series Final table, three players left, elimination hand before the heads-up part of the tournament. First place gets 200k, second 20k and third 5k.

    On that elimination hand, the eventual winner (Mr. Z) was BR1 and betting second (all-in allowed, min. bet 25, no surrender, secret bet, no hidden card, can’t double a BJ). Of the three players left, only BR3 had not used his secret bet. Before this betting round, the count was made and everybody was allowed to write it down.

    1- BR 3 (11,325) uses his secret bet (4,600)
    2- Mr. Z (12,55o) bets 1,500
    3- BR2 (11,575) bets 2,000 :confused:

    Dealer busted, everybody won. Incredibly, BR2 let Mr. Z have the high and the low on him. As the playing habits of BR3 (secret by) made it very doubtful that he would go for the low, his only chance to advance was by getting a swing or a push-lose.

    Mr. Z, playing in only his second tournament, went ahead to win the tournament and 200k. If BR2 bets 2,500 instead of 2,000, Mr. Z goes home in third place with 5k. It sure was his day because in the five hands heads-up he also saw his opponent giving him 90k by rejecting his offer of splitting the pot and busting on the following hand by going all-in.
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