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    I was doing some searching for single deck strategies and found one called "Milking the single deck" by the Game Master-some remember him from Global player. I read all the articles he wrote about BJ and BJT and this one with related BJT.com thread was interesting. Im sure a lot of you have read these but a few may have not. BTW, be sure to read the article on BJT as a business.

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    Great stuff

    The article in that first link should be required reading for anyone who wishes to debate the subject of the future of BJT's. GameMaster makes some damn fine points even though some of his references are a bit outdated (I.E. feeding B&M BJT entry counts with online satellites, not really possible with UIGEA still in effect).
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    Are we reading the same article? First off, keep in mind that this article was written about 3 years ago so we now have the benefit of hindsight. So let's take a look at some of the things mentioned and how they played out over the years:

    Hilton's Million Dollar Blackjack Tournaments:
    Year 1 (2003 I think) Fairly popular. Recorded and edited for TV. Not a bad job of presentation on TV. Boosted Eininger to prominence. On the last hand, every player either made a betting or playing (or both) error on the last hand. Not very professional.

    Year 2 (2004 I think) Popularity declines. Poor presentation on TV. Really dull to watch.

    Year 3 (2005 I think) Popularity declines again. Not even filmed for TV.

    Year 4 - There is no year 4

    WSOB (World Series of Blackjack):
    Canceled after a few years.

    World Blackjack Tour:
    Hardly nobody paid attention. Sunk before it got started. Basically a non-event.

    Other references to casinos running Blackjack Tournaments:
    Not positive. Since the article was written, a combination of declining comps and interest not to mention decreasing prize pools and a general decrease in frequency of BJTs have occurred.

    Now I respect GameMaster but as far as the first article referenced at the start of this thread, where are those "some damn fine points" that the future of BJTs is positive?
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    The biggest factor in the decline of the Million Dollar tournament was Jimmy Wike transfer to Caesars. Had Jimmy still been with the Las Vegas Hilton I believe he would have improved on this event every year.

    Jimmy is one sharp cookie and well respected in Vegas. This tournament was his idea and he was the one who let the "Pro's" play. He realized that barring players would only hurt the over all event. Only three players were not allowed in these events.
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    This was Kevin Belinkoff concept while he was still at GSN. Actually the best filmed and produced of any of the blackjack shows.

    The cancellation of the WSOB was a management decision with GSN. Their poker show "High Stakes Poker" had so much higher ratings then the WSOB. This is why they went in the direction of poker only and purchased the rights to the WPT.

    The WSOB was successful, just not as much as their poker shows. Plus over the last two years there was some player conflicts that didn't help our cause.
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    GM's main point was that BJ tournaments need online satellites in order to grow.* That's what happened in the world of poker tournaments.* The enacting of UIGEA ended that idea.

    GM was harshly criticized by a previous member who was finnally barred for his constant attacks on other members.* The barred member didn't like the fact that internet tournaments eliminate the need to count chip stacks. GM felt that it was worth giving up this advantage in order to grow the BJ tournament community.

    I agree.


    Nothing gives rest but the sincere search for truth. (Blaise Pascal)
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    I recently discovered this Game Master person's website and read his tournament articles. I was excited to see another source of reading out there on tournaments -- such a niche, you know -- but I found some of his strategy tips just plain wrong. 95% correct, sure, but I definitely disagreed with some of his advice.

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