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Discussion in 'Blackjack Tournament Strategy' started by noman, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. noman

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    Hope this is understandable in a generic sense.

    If among 6 tournament competitors, you are low stack with 4 hands to go, but an all in will put you in the lead, do you make a partial bet, or an all in bet before the last hand, or wait until the last hand to bet all in, hoping the last hand all in win takes the lead, certainly not knowing the results of the intervening hands?
  2. The_Professional

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    It will depend on several factors. I am assuming based on your description that a) only 1 advances ; and b) that the max limit is not a limiting factor. Generally, waiting to the last hand will not be a good idea because your biggest chance of getting out of the last hand as a leader is when you enter it as a leader. This simulation is in Wong's book. So, you need to go all in at one of the prior 3 hands. Which one of the 3 will depend on a) your position relative the chip leader(s); and b) how much the others are betting. If you bet first and go all in, others can abort your attempt by matching or near matching your bet. Also, if the others are betting big, going all in might not be that effective. I would wait for an opportunity where I am betting after the chip leader, who happened to put a small or medium bet and then go all in.
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  3. george

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    sounds good to me ...just have to win when you go all in....
  4. noman

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    Good food for thought, PRO. How about no max, 3 advance you are still low stack. None of leaders are going to over bet. Understand position matters, but it will still come down to you winning the all in to get a swing on two players. If you don't wait for last hand, do you do it sooner than later?
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    Later, for sure. If you win the bet, you want as few hands as possible for the now-trailing opponents to catch up. The best time for this is the last hand when you're the last to bet, hopefully the others will have made smaller bets for chip stack positioning purposes.
  6. noman

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    Thanx for the thoughts

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