Why Would Anyone Play UBT?

Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by Pot Stirrer, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Pot Stirrer

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    Even before recent developments, the reputations of the people behind UBT were shady at best. But now there is significant evidence that they were able to see the hold cards of other players in poker and used this information to steal millions. Is it that big a leap to figure they could see hole cards in blackjack or even manipulate the deck to know or select the next card in the shoe? These are the same people who send their attack dogs on anyone who questions anything. The same people who lied about when players would appear on television. The same people who promised bonus money and didn't pay it. Yet you still give these thieves your money. Hopefully prosecuters will put these con artists where they belong. In jail.
  2. Barney Stone

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    The "thinking" or "train of thought" is that ClubUBT is of little value to cheats because of the low payouts and as they chime it "no risk" Of course when it comes to WSOP entry and such there is solid value. I guess its a given that there is a super user or users in the Club system not to say they are crooked. I think a super user is a system employee or official and not necessarily a crook. What I have always worried about playing at ClubUBT is an ability to cool me down with manipulation of cards. This of course is a little monkey on my back and I could never prove it only worry about it. As it stands I will continue to pay my 20 bucks per month because I want to win the Sunset game so bad :) Just wish that game was at a time of day I could play more!
  3. RKuczek

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    Why I play on UB

    because I win money playing their EBJ tournaments - that's it -

    I started tracking money results on a monthly basis a year ago - I have not had a losing month in the last year - that's fairly strong motivation to continue playing - also - probably a good sign that they are not cheating in the $5 EBJ tourneys - or even the $40 - I also play a little micro-limit poker - $5 entry fee tourneys and .05/.10 NLHM - evidently they are not cheating at that level either - as I actually win a little at poker - and I am a pretty bad poker player

    In tournament play - even if they are 'rigging' the cards - a particular player would need to be advantaged or disadvantaged - if everyone is playing with the same probabilities - then it is still an even playing field - and the skilled player will do well in the long term -

    I have tracked my EBJ tournament play - several times for different factors - comparing my cards and hand results to that of other players - and have not found anything outside of expected statistical probability - in their EBJ tournaments -

    Does this mean I am happy with UB? or that I trust them? or that they are not cheating in some way I have not detected in their EBJ tournaments or even at the micro-bet level in poker ring games? - no, it doesn't - they could be cheating away like crazy at this level - as well as at their high stakes poker games - - and maybe I just am not able to detect it - maybe I am just good enough to win in spite of their cheating? Guess that is possible -

    If there was another viable site for playing tournament blackjack online - I would go there in an instant - and stop playing on UB - but there isn't another site for tournament bj for American players right now - that's viable - so - what we have is UB - honest/dishonest - it's the only game in town - and - I make money at it - and I have never had a problem with withdrawing my profits - I ask for money and I get a check within 7 to 14 days -

    I am very disturbed and disgusted with what has come down at UB and Absolute Poker - they are outright thieves, liars and crooks - and I have not seen any info that convinces me that the 'new ownership' is real - or not equally crooked - if it really is new ownership - nor am I convinced that everything is ok now -

    but right now, playing $5 to $40 EBJ tournaments and a little very low stakes poker - I make a modest, but meaningful, profit each month -

    so I am not likely to give up that modest income stream - until I find a online tournament blackjack provider to replace it -

    that's really crass, I know, but, it is all about the money -

    for people who want to read about the UB problems - try the forums on 2p2 and poker5 - a fair amount of conspiracy theory and paranoia and wild speculation now - but - some good facts as well - especially in the early posts in the threads - some well known players may be implicated - and if what has been posted is true - and the evidence is pretty damning - I wouldn't put any trust in ClubUBT or even the live EBJ tourneys -

    anywhere there is money to be scammed - someone will do it - and persons associated with UB, AP, UBT, and ClubUBT seem to fall into that group - if what has been posted if true -

    that does not mean other sites are honest - maybe they just haven't been caught yet -

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