Will there be a WSOB V?

Discussion in 'World Series of Blackjack' started by TXtourplayer, Jul 25, 2007.

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    On July 10th, 2007, Rich Cronin president and CEO of GSN announced today he will resign from the network, effective at the end of July.

    Although GSN is suppose to get a new CEO around the 1st of August there have been rumors that GSN may not pick up the WSOB for a fifth season with the newly signing of the WPT and their own High Stakes Poker doing so well.

    I suggest that if we want to see at least another year of the WSOB that everybody start tuning in on Monday nights and support the show.

    The first two seasons GSN only offered invites to be on the WSOB, however the last two seasons they have offered "OPEN" qualifying to everybody around the country.

    It would be shame if the WSOB doesn't continue because the tournament players didn't support watching the program. I understand not being able to actually go to tournaments around the country, but if everyone just simply turns on their TV to the WSOB on Monday nights, we have a chance to continue with this show and as long as they offer "OPEN" quailying we all have a shot at making it on the show.

    It is in our hands to support the show or not, I hope everyone will support it.
  2. Fredguy

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    There are 2 reasons I won't watch this show...

    1- I don't get gsn on my cable system

    2- I think I might prefer to sit in my yard and watch the grass grow.
  3. Rando21

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    Id love to watch it...unfortunatly I dont get GSN...
    From what I read though ...isnt the show placed at a really odd time slot...11pm or something? I think that alone says a great deal about how management at GSN feels about the show.

    Hopefully Im wrong...packaged right this show could blow poker away.
  4. TXtourplayer

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    Here in the CTS it's shown at 10:00 pm

    Currently GSN is showing back to back "High Stake Poker" in front of the WSOB. An ideal spot would be in between the two shows I think, but that is what would be good for us...LOL

    It isn't that the WSOB isn't getting good enough ratings, but High Stake Poker gets better ratings.

    What I would really like to see is High Stakes Poker, then WSOB, then WPT. Sandwiched between those two shows would really get the viewers.

    Another issue is a year or two ago cable switched GSN to a premium channel which really hurt ratings.
  5. Bi-Kemba

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    Problems all around

    Okay TXtourplayer. You're missing the point about what two of the responses stated: 1. Here in California the show airs at 11:00p.m. Therefore, I have to tape it and watch it the very next day or during the weekend. Bottom line. Put the show in like an 9:00p.m. timeslot. This gives the average working adult the time to get that shower and get ready for another long and hard working day for the next day. 2. Everyone doesn't get the channel period. Hell, Txtourplayer, I know some people that live in Pasadena,CA(where I reside), and they don't get the channel. Go figure. 3. Lastly, the damn show is boring on many occasions with older Bonanza like characters on it. I'm sorry, I get bored really fast. You're going to have to excite me really quickley. Otherwise, I will lose interest faster than Carl Lewis.

    Now, that being said Txtourplayer. Give me something better than your responses I've read already. To tell you the truth, I love these forums ten-fold versus a show on TV in which many of the guest are invited instead jockeying for a position just like any other common American Citizen. Back to the show. I don't care if the Cheif Executive Officer is retiring. The only thing he really cares about is his/her hefty pension and their buy-out or ouster paycheck. Isn't that how many Fortune 500 companies are today? Your damn right. Sorry to burst your bubble people, but I'm a truthful person. I don't hold my tongue on anybody. I will tell you when I'm wrong and accept constructive crticism. However, I told you I missed one of the shows because I simply was out like a lightbulb and simply forgot about it. LOL.....Peace and God bless you all....
  6. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    You can't have your cake and eat it too!

    I understand that showing the WSOB on a 8:00 or 9:00 pm time slot would be a lot nicer for most of us, but GSN has to schedule the shows when they believe they will get them the most number of viewers for each time slot.

    I agree with you that earlier would be better for several, but think about what shows the WSOB would be up against earlier on Monday night.

    I know in Texas CBS shows Three and a half men and Miami CSI, which are two of the top shows for the week. So I can't see GSN trying to put the WSOB head up against those shows.

    Now I could see changing to another day (maybe mid-week) when there are some less rated shows on, but again that is up to GSN.

    And to your response about some of the players. I agree that some times the play is not the best, but I like the fact that everybody can have a chance to make it on the show, so called "Pro's" and or a "novice" player, even a celebrity is nice for a change of pace.

    The invited players may have been a little better strategically to watch, but most only bet minimum throughout the shows and there shows were boring until the last 5 hands or so. And who is to say whom the invited players should be? It has to be up to the network since they are putting out the BIG BUCKS for production.

    My point about watching the show is like it or not, it gives all of us a shot to make a lot of money doing what we enjoy doing, playing in blackjack tournaments. Being on TV is nice, but I like the fact we get to play for over $500,000 in prize money for 1st place.

    So if by watching the WSOB at 10:00 or 11:00 pm, I am able to keep it on and have GSN host it again next year, I'll gladly do so.
  7. LeftNut

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    I guess I don't get the problem with the time slot. VCR? TiVO? It's very rare that I watch any TV shows that I really want to see "live" any more. Seeing a recording prevents missing some of it due to phone calls or whatever other interruption may happen along. Plus, the commercials are much easier to deal with on fast-forward. :D
  8. London Colin

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    But how do they know you're watching?

    How are the ratings gathered? I thought such things relied on a small sample of households logging their viewing habits, in which case it wouldn't really matter who else is watching.

    One way to express your interest in the show might be to visit the GSN web site and view the WSOB pages. Maybe they to track the number of hits they get. Out of curiosity, I just took a look and was soon greeted by the grinning faces of Ken Smith and Rick Jensen. :D
  9. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Grinning? I don't think so! Boy, I wonder who I pissed off at GSN for them to use this photo!

  10. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Good grief! Did they take your picture as the dude on the cruise was telling you
    that you couldn't play in their little casino??? :yikes:
  11. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    No, that would've been a grin. :D
  12. London Colin

    London Colin Top Member

    Wow! No, that's not the image I was thinking of. I certainly wouldn't call that a grin. :D

    The one I saw was this, on the 'about' page -


    It's perhaps more bemused-looking than grinning, but certainly a bit less stern than your official portrait!

    When I brought up the players list, it randomly selected a photo to show me and chose this one -

    Now that's what I call a grin!. :D
  13. noman

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    Hey, hey hey!


    Come on. Watch what you say about "older Bonanza like characters." Ol Ben Cartwright was a pretty shrewd character. And you'd have to admit he must of been fairly virile too. Those three completely different sons didn't come from just one woman. And Hung See or Woa Fat, or whatever his name was might really have been his fourth son.


    Survey samples are just one way of gauging viewership. Sometimes, "overnights" are conducted through telephone calls. And bottom line, no matter what a survey or the ratings and share numbers "say" if an advertiser doesn't get a specific return for his investment, he looks for another vehicle for the next quarter.

    Stay tuned for Mad Men on AMC Thursday nights 9c 10E
  14. noman

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    To the pictures:

    I do believe the first one of Ken was right after Penn called Ken "SKIPPY."

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