World Casino Championships - Casino Malta - St. Julian's - Malta

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Other areas)' started by London Colin, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Thought I'd put this in the Calendar for anyone looking for a foreign trip...
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    The only information on the 'offline' satellites ...
    The last one - 15th November - is the day before the tournament.
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    A good "contender" of mine went to the WCC this weekend, and reported to me yesterday that the structure of the main BJ tourney, despite the prizepools, was plain crap (purely accumulative format, no transparent chipcounts, players sending "spies" to the other tables to get extra intel and so on...). In spite of all this, he managed to finish at the bubble though, cashing in some 1K €...

    I think accumulative tournaments are over for him, back to the elimination style ! This was all the more frustrating, because he won EACH of his tables !

    Needless to say he regretted to have missed the BCC (Belgium Casino Championship, Blackjack Category) the same week-end in Namur, an invitational BJT based on your tournament history, where you only had two rounds to get through to win 10 000 € !
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    The main organiser seems to be Unibet (aka Kindred Group). I've played in a couple of their events in the past. They've all been essentially accumulation format, with one or two additional quirks. The website for the event did seem to indicate that would be the case this time too. (Sorry I didn't update the information I put in the calendar following updates to their website.)

    For anyone thinking of attending the next one (should there be one), I note that the leaderboards with chip totals are currently on the website, so that could be some useful information to file away.

    The general view regarding accumulation formats seems to be that they are less enjoyable than elimination, but potentially more profitable.
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    I think accumulation tournaments are the opposite of what BJT's should be like, even though an AP knows how to handle them...

    This said, "thoroughly read the rules" have always been my n°1 rule when thinking of attending a BJ event... and I had a much more enjoyable time at the BCC ! No joy, no gain ! ^^
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