WSOB IV: Episode 11 (Semifinal 1)

Discussion in 'World Series of Blackjack' started by fgk42, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    Congratulations to Rick F and Kristine for advancing

    More to come...
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  2. Barney Stone

    Barney Stone New Member

    Rick Fortin

    I think his name is Fortin!? Way to go! Kristine as well.

    Rick and his wife wont be in Laughlin as they were for the first TBJPA- they will be in Europe for a long vacation. Wonder if that means he went all the way and won the big one???!!! :D

    Im trying to remember who will be on show next week. Im thinking thinking Jarek and the guy from first or second show Jeff Swenson are my picks.
  3. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    I didn't get a chance to watch the whole episode. I just FF to the final hand between Rick F, Kristine and Marvin.

    It was a suspenful hand with Kristine and Marvin doing DD on 12 and 14 respectfully, causing Rick to split 10-10 versus a dealer 4.
  4. Bi-Kemba

    Bi-Kemba Member


    Does anybody know when it will re-air? I went to GSN and there is another episode coming on again? Is this the same one? I went to sleep last night half way through. 11:00p.m. Pacific Standard time is really getting to me now you all. Most of it was from being in the gym four to five days a week. I was so elated still for Rock's win on Hell's Kitchen. In addition, I just had a feeling by the way she was playing that Kristine was going to advance. I'm so excited for her. Would love to meet her. God bless both of the advancers to the final. Thank you for the update fgk42.
  5. norm21

    norm21 New Member

    Episode What?

    As last week was the 2nd Wild Card Round, and it was Episode #10, maybe this weeks semi-final should be called Episode #11!
  6. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    Color Commentary

    Watching the WSOB episode again there were some really GOOD hands to discuss

    However the best part of this episode were some of the quotes that the host, Matt Vargus made. These were my favorites:

    At the end of the first KO hand:
    “Salmon, the monkey screaming Hilton high roller walks away 26,000 richer”

    Then talking about Marvin:
    “noboy’s gonna root for a guy who used to own a casino.”

    Then when Marvin won a 71,000 hand right before the second KO card:
    “He’s [Marvin] either stunned or auditioning for Weekend at Bernie’s 4
  7. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    Final Hand

    The Final Hand was this:

    Kristine 144,000
    Marvin 146,500
    Rick 238,000

    K bets max 50,000 J-2
    M bets max 50,000 J-4
    R bets min 5,000 10-10

    Dealer has a 4 showing

    K DD so has 100,000 bet
    M DD so he has 100,000 bet
    R has to split his 10-10 and gets 10-10 & 10-Ace

    Dealer turns a 7 for an 11 then a 6 for 17

    It all comes down to the DD cards and the slow turning
    Kristine has a 8 for a 20 and wins 100,000
    It all comes down to Marvin’s card and it is a …..
  8. Freeloader

    Freeloader New Member

    What exactly do you have against Matt Vasgersian? :)
  9. Barney Stone

    Barney Stone New Member

    My fav Matt Vasgersian quote was from the first episode , or so, when someone was thinking about splitting 10s

    "Its too early for that kind of Tomfoolery"
  10. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    FYI, I changed this thread title to Episode 11.

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