WSOP Ladies at Harrah's Rincon

Discussion in 'Other Games Events' started by Sandy Eggo, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Sandy Eggo

    Sandy Eggo Member

    Hey all,

    I'm going to go play this based on last year's specs and the timing of a few things that I think will lower the expected attendance:

    (1) time change
    (2) price of gas in SoCal
    (3) bad economy
    (4) I can afford to play until 4am as I am not working (see #3) :laugh:

    I doubt this is enough lead time for anyone local to consider a drive out for the 4pm event...but if so, look for me!!

  2. Sandy Eggo

    Sandy Eggo Member

    I was quite right about the attendance:

    168 registered, 6 were men vs 242 registered last year.

    I was knocked out 3 hands after the first break, appx. 105th...oh well.

    But I did well enough at Pai Gow to make back my entry and pre-tournament losses. :laugh: So costs were: T-shirt, 3/4 tank of gas, two fast food meals.
  3. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Anti-discrimination laws rarely but occasionally go too far. Six men registered for the ladies' tournament? Maybe I'm just a throwback but I'd be embarrassed to enter such an event, and that embarrassment would increase logarithmically if I won. Sometimes the legal thing to do doesn't quite meet with the right thing to do.

    Shame on those six guys. Get a life, gentlemen.
  4. Sandy Eggo

    Sandy Eggo Member

    Those 6 guys got bounties on their head by the LADY Poker Room Manager!

    • $15 food voucher on all of them
    • a pair of earrings (from a jeweler who was playing) on all of them
    •'s President had a hat for the ladies who knocked the first 5 out and a 'package' of merch for the lady knocking out the last man
    • $50 Harrah's spa voucher for the lady who knocked out the last man

    If the pot got sweeter after I was out, I don't know about it.

    I also heard rumor that they were also going to relinquish their Harrah's card for playing inthe Ladies' round...but I wasn't paying that much attention as there wasn't a guy on my table.

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