Every Saturday Blackjack Tournament
Hawaiian Gardens Casino
11871 Carson St
Hawaiian Gardens CA 90716
United States
Prize Pool:
1st Place:
Entry Fee:
$ 60.00

Every Saturday Blackjack Tournament - Hawaiian Gardens Casino

  • General:

    Every Saturday Blackjack Tournament
    Blackjack Open Event Open Event Elimination Format
    Event Phone:


    Weekly on Sat (Started 11/01/2008, Ended 12/31/2018)
    Entry Fee:
    $ 60.00 (Re-Entry: $ 40.00)
    Sign ups begin at 12:15. Tournament starts at 1 p.m. Round one usually from 1-2:45ish.  Preregister
    any time Sunday through Friday for only a $25 buy-in. The
    casino contributes an additional $35 to the prize pool for
    each preregistered entry. The entry fee is $60 if you
    register on the day of the tournament. 
    The casino no longer adds $5,000 to the prize pool.  
    Currently a free buffet is given to all blackjack and poker
    tournament players. 
    All players start with $1000 in chips. 
    Tournaments consist of Round l, a Semi Round, and the Final
    Bets are made against the Casino Dealer. This is not a
    player banked game. 
    The value of the first burn card is used to determine which
    seat is dealt to first to start the round. Seat one no
    longer automatically receives the first card dealt. This
    means that seat 8 no longer automatically gets the last bet
    at the end of the round. As the game progresses, the Dealer
    Button is placed even at vacant spots where players have
    busted out and have left the table, so, it is still easy to
    determine who will be the last to bet. 
    An 8 deck shoe is used. 
    Penetration is deep. 
    Surrender and Insurance are not offered. 
    Blackjack pays 2 to 1. Suited Aces of Hearts pays 3 to l. 
    You must bet in turn. Once the next player bets you can not
    change your original bet. 
    Round 1 consists of 32 hands. Minimum bet is $50 for first 8
    hands. Minimum bet then increases to $100 for all remaining
    hands. All In bets are allowed at any time. 
    Three $40 re-buys are available at any time during round 1
    before the start of hand 25 regardless of your chip count.
    You receive $1200 in chips for each $40 re-buy. Play
    temporarily stops at the end of hand 24 to accommodate the
    last chance for re-buys.  
    At the end of Round 1, the 3 players with the most chips
    from each table advance to the Semi Round. 
    The Semi Round consists of 16 hands. The two players with
    the most chips advance to the Final Table. 
    The Final Table consists of 16 hands. 
    For all rounds, if you advance, you take your chip total
    with you.


    Prize pool distribution: 1st = 40%, 2nd = 23%, 3rd = 12%, 
    4th = 7%, 5th = 6%, 6th = 5%, 7th = 4%, 8th = 3%
    It is common to chop the pot. When the pot is chopped, all
    final table players receive equal payouts that substantially
    total less than the amount in the prize pool. Then the 16
    hands are played out to see who also receives the balance of
    the prize pool for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places only. First place
    pays in the neighborhood of $2500.
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