Oriental Pearl Baccarat Tournament
Great Blue Heron Charity
21777 Island Rd
Port Perry ON
Prize Pool:
CAD 52,000.00
1st Place:
CAD 30,000.00
Entry Fee:
CAD 200.00

Oriental Pearl Baccarat Tournament - Great Blue Heron Charity

  • General:

    Oriental Pearl Baccarat Tournament
    Baccarat Open Event Open Event Elimination Format
    Event Webpage:


    Entry Fee:
    CAD 200.00 (Re-Entry: CAD 200.00)
    Based on Previous Events ...
        Players must make either a Player or Banker bet on each hand (but not both)
        No commission will be charged on Banker bets
        Players may also bet on Tie
        Winning tie bets pay 8:1
    Qualifying sessions:
        Friday in the late afternoon/evening
        Saturday in the afternoon
        Rebuys available as space permits.
        Tables will be equally filled within each session. Max of 9 players per table.
        30 hands.
        $5,000 bankroll, Player/Banker limits: $100-$5,000, Tie limits $25-$1,000
        Final hand: No limits, Secret Bet
        Number of advancers is dependent on the number of players at each table.
            For 9 players: 3 advancers
            For 6 players: 2 advancers
    Semi Final:
        Sunday afternoon
        Number of sessions, tables and players per table, and number of advancers will be determined based on the number of qualifiers.
        Same conditions and limits as in the preliminary sessions.
    Final Table:
        Sunday Evening
        Maximum of 9 players
        30 hands.
        $10,000 bankroll, Player/Banker limits: $200-$10,000, Tie limits $25-$2,000
        Final 10 hands: No maximum, Secret bet


    Prize Pool:
    CAD 52,000.00
    1st Place:
    CAD 30,000.00
    2nd Place:
    CAD 10,000.00
    3rd Place:
    CAD 5,000.00
    4th Place:
    CAD 1,000.00
    5th Place:
    CAD 1,000.00
    6th Place:
    CAD 1,000.00
    7th Place:
    CAD 1,000.00
    1st place wins $30,000 or a car (winner's choice)
    8th and 9th place also win $1,000.
    All cash prizes are paid in Canadian Dollars and are tax-free for Canadians. Not sure about others.
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