$100,000 Leap Into Loot Blackjack Tournament (Golden Nugget)

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by BughouseMaster, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. BughouseMaster

    BughouseMaster Active Member

    I was trying to add this event but I do not know how.... can someone tell me how to add it to the tournament calendar? It takes place the same time as the $150,000 HARRAH'S tournament - Feb 28-Mar 1
  2. KenSmith

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  3. BughouseMaster

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  4. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    Don't blame you for that. I played in it once (I think 3 years ago) and that was enough for me. You have to add mulligan costs onto $500 entry and possible re entries @$500 a pop. Can get quite costly (even worse if you have to pay for a room).

    Billy C
  5. BughouseMaster

    BughouseMaster Active Member

    Yeah seriously! I believe I *used* to get comped entries but now that I hardly give GN play the offers have been terrible ! I wouldn't pay $500 for as low prizes as they're offering anyway ! Long ago I paid $500 Rebuy for the $150K Jack Daniels tourney @ Beau Rivage which paid I believe $75K for first and that's obviously a SUBSTANTIAL amount bigger then what cheap GN is offering ! 4

    But regardless, I still shared the info to my fellow Blackjack community :)

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