$35,000 blackjack tournament - Palace Casino Biloxi - Biloxi, MS

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by george, Jun 25, 2018.

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  2. george

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    George- Why not include the Beau July 29-31 blackjack tournament (accumulation) and play 3 tournaments on 1 trip?! Then sleep for a week.
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    I will plan on both, reserved rooms at Beau and Palace, we have Buffalo Run July 27-29.
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    will be at $30,000 buffalo run july 27-29 ….. then the beau july 29 is heads up one on one with dealer..... think at last one I played 7 rounds ...no more of those kinds for me
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  6. where's the details on both these tourneys? please post!
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    buffalo run july 27-29 ...go to buffalo run .com they have everything.....beau july 29 ,,,, go to event calendar …... the beau july 29th is a heads up with dealer
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    The Buffalo Run tourney is discussed in the thread https://www.blackjacktournaments.com/threads/buffalo-run-casino-upcoming-events.8878/ .

    I can tell you it's one of the best-run tournaments in the country. The tournament director and table games director Cindy Courtney actively seeks feedback from players and then actually acts on the feedback. The preliminary rounds on day one are two-advance and you can get ample opportunities to buy back in if the card gods don't favor you at first. There is a three-advance round and a one-advance round on day two, leading up to the final table. The maximum bet in all rounds is double the starting bankroll. Blackjacks pay 2:1. It is face-down pitch, two decks dealt all the way to the last card.

    The live games in the casino are good. They run a promotional slot tournament on Friday night before the blackjack tournament. At times they have run some other attractive promotions. Much of the video poker is full pay. There is no poker room.

    Make sure you get a players club card before you play any live blackjack, because if you don't you will have to pay Oklahoma's ante for every hand you play.

    If you make the trip, come and join us for dinner at the Coleman House on Sunday night after the tournament!
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