Fallsview Blackjack 21 - Wed June 11

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    Hi All,

    Just a reminder that this tourney is coming up shortly. They've increased the prize pool to $45,000 (was $41,750) and those eliminated in the semi final (2nd round) now get paid $100 each (was $0).


    I know that it is a weekday tourney and that it has been hard to get into without a PAC card in hand, but perhaps things have changed. Even if you don't get into the tournament, you still get to spend a day or two in a nice location and you can pick up your PAC card for next time :p

    Apparently there is a large hole there with a significant amount of water flowing into it. Folks say it's nice to look at, but I never see it on my way to and from the casino parking garage :laugh:
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